Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Calling All New Englanders!

Ok, we are feeling "wintry" after being back north...we're goofy, I know.

We will start the New England States next week with our Trail Guide history/science subjects.

If you live up in that neck of the woods -- Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,Vermont, Connecticut, or Rhode Island -- could you please send us information about your state?

I'd like to get first-hand views and ideas on areas to study from folks actually living there.

**Can you tell us anything unique about the animal kingdom in yourstate? (including aquatics, mammals, & insects)

**What is the weather like? Does it change in different parts ofyour state?

**What kind of severe weather do you get? (Tornadoes, hurricanes, etc).

**What does your family like to eat? Do you have special ethnic/regional foods that are unique to your area/state?

**What are some the top industries in your state?

**What does your family like to do for fun in your state? Are their special hobbies for different seasons?

**Is there anything special you'd like share with us about your state?

Anything else you can think of -- any special historical landmarks, scientific discoveries made there, some famous folk maybe we won't read about in the common press? Whatever makes your state something special to you :o)

LOL...I'll even come up with some answers of my own for Mississippi and Illinois if anyone else is doing Trail Guides :o)

BTW -- Maine is next week, then Massachusettes :o)


LizBeth said...

Hey! Good to see you this morning. I was starting to think you'd lost your way home!

If you get some good recipes, maybe you'll share???? Liz

Stone Bridge Farm said...

What a great idea! I will have to try this in the future!

Stephanie said...

Mrs. Dewey Smith,

I would be happy to do NH for you :) I will do up the answers to your questions tonight and add them to your blog in the morning.

And as a side note, if no one steps forward for Maine, I can do that one too, since I have lived there also :)

Great idea!!


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