Monday, September 7, 2009

How Old is Old?

My Grandmother is 90 years old.

Given life these days, that's considered a fairly decent landmark accomplishment. In Bible times, 90 years was just baby steps into life.

Imagine all the things seen over a 90 year span! Obvious things, like telephones in our homes (and our pockets), televisions and computers, sure; but other things that most of us have taken for granted as just 'having' like indoor plumbing and electricity at the flip of a switch.

My grandmother was born in a little town in Colorado back in 1919. Soddies, buckboards and wash tubs. Very 'Little House on The Prairie' living back in those days. What an adventure life must have been back in those days, though I'm sure at the time, walking those steps every day, adventure wasn't the word.

My children enjoy watching The Waltons and have figured up that Mary Ellen is the age of Grandma/GreatGreat. They pay attention to the things that interest Mary Ellen in those early episodes and imagine Great Great had some of the same experiences and dreams.

How old is old? Living to see a 90th year is pretty old I suppose. A body just gets tired of doing "life" at that age I'm sure. Grandma/Great Great is growing tired as she should at such a milestone but we all hope she keeps trodding along for several more years.

Check out the walk of history and science since 1919....amazing progress to be sure. Can you just imagine what perhaps another 10 years might bring?!

Happy Birthday Great Great :o). We have been deeply blessed for our history with you and the legacy you've shared for our future!

6 comments: said...

Happy birthday to your Grandmother! The changes she has seen in her lifetime are mind boggling! I love that your children take an interest in what her life during those times was like!

I lost my grandmother a few years ago. She lived to be 102. I loved to listen to stories of her childhood - although not all were happy stories. Life was hard for her family, and each of them worked very hard every day. I miss my grandmother very much.

mrshester said...

Happy Birthday Grandmother!! My own great grandmother is 94 years young today and refused to let me help her clear the table yesterday! She then informed me how she makes her own bed every morning and even made her daughter's bed yesterday, LOL. There is a reason we call them "grand" :)

LizBeth said...

A beautiful post. I miss my grandmother. She'd be a 102. But she's young where she is now.

Hope you get caught up on your rest soon. Travel just wears me to a nub, especially if it involves night driving. The elder will stay awake three days at a time, and I can't get a bit of rest for keeping one eye on him. He simply can't process all the different stimulation around him - can't relax. Likes to see his grandmother, but he sure likes to get home. We stay home for vacations!!

Diane said...

I have a neighbor who is 91, still drives a little, takes care of yourself and is smart as a whip. Yes she has shared the stories of way back when...and now she wants to buy a lap-top and have me teach her how to use it...I say you go girl! She has been a real blessing for me...she keeps me moving forward!
Blessings said...

I quilt on Monday evenings with a lady named Mabel, she will be 92 in November, and I so, so enjoy her company. Mabel is sharp as a tack, and we always have good conversations, and a laugh together. Once thing I have realised is that as much as things have changed, some things never change! It is neat how much we have in common given that she is twice my age.
Happy 90th Birthday to your Grandmother!

ShilohMom said...

My grandmother passed away in 1995 (she was 80 at the time). She grew up in a small PA town without electricity and plumbing. She told me once that as a little girl her job was to stomp the quilts clean in the washtub! I have photos of my great-grandmother too -- life was very hard in rural PA in the late 1800s/early 1900s. I am blessed to have had a rich heritage of Godly ancestors, those who loved the Lord and lived righteous and simple lives.

~Carol H. :o)


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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