Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New England States....Maine & Massechusetts

I need to really spend time online and gather my thoughts and resources together for the New England States...but I don't have alot of internet time. Too many other things to do around here besides sit glued to the notebook.

I'm gleaning several books from Miss Maggie's Old Fashioned Education site to use as we go along...
The Story of The Pilgrims
Stories of Great Americans
This Country of Ours
The Pilgrims of New England
Woman's Life in Colonial Days
England in America
The Lords of The Wilds

We'll sort through the Henty books as well for some great read-alouds.

Some other notes of interest we'll be printing off include The Christian Year, An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving (we read this every year and love it!), John Inglefield's Thanksgiving.

Maine, in basics: Facts and History, Children's Books about Maine, Maine Secretary of State site (lots of goodies here), a set of coloring pages for state symbols, Fall Foliage mini movie,

Massachusetts, basics: CIS: Massachusetts

Other State Kids Sites are here.

I know we'll find plenty more, but between the Trail Guide and these, we'll get a good start at the basics and branch off from there with some deeper history and science fun.

And just in case anyone finds any of these useful, I'm adding a link box on the right sidebar for each state's links we gather.

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