Friday, July 24, 2009

GM Foods and Monsanto -- great post!

Susan has shared some excellent links about Monsanto and the GM foods that are being forced into your cabinets and freezers.
I know most folks don't know anything about GM foods, and think it's just another hyped up scare tactic passed along by 'green' folks.

You are fooling yourself and honestly, this is most definitely an issue where ignorance is death, not bliss. GM foods are nothing more than someone else controlling your death ride. They are not safe, they are not worth their supposed ease in preparing/gathering.

Check out the great links Susan shares, and read the rest of her post--

:::Don't hide your head in the sand about the issueof GM food! Educate yourself! This is a very important issue that affects ALL consumers and could potentially do more damage to the human race than nearly anything else ever created by man.
If you think the GM food issue is just a big conspiracy theory made up by alarmists, you are fooling yourself. Educate yourself about GM foods. Do the research yourself, don't just blindly trust the government on this, they are in Monsanto's back pocket.
Start off by watching the video "The Future of Food".:::

Susan shares online links to view the entire movie, as well as an excellent BBC documentary on GM foods.

Go educate yourself and make your own decisions after arming yourself with ALL sides of the issue.

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