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What are your plans? Flu season is coming fast

You know TN Preppers is one of my favorite checkpoints for information. Articles, practical prepping, informative's all there and then some. There are precious few state prep lists that share anything truly informative, which is sad in itself, but the TN list works very hard to keep things updated and practical.

Some would argue alarmist attitude, or plain old paranoia.

Hey, whatever floats your boat -- just don't float it this way when you figure out I'm not nearly as paranoid or leaning toward the alarmist side as you thought :o)

Schools are about to hit back in force for the year. TN mentions August 10th and I believe many of our area start back August 5th.
Just because the media isn't screaming end-of-the-world-swine-flu at every opportunity doesn't lessen the degree of outbreaks or the seriousness of needing your own Plan in place.

As the link says, think H1N1 is dying down some? Look at Italy and the sea of face masks...look at Australia and how they are faring as the are knee-deep in the traditional flu season.

We are just getting ready. We're about to flood the schools with children. Have you made any tentative plans for "what if" in your family? That's not being paranoid. That's being smart. It's being proactive in your own well being. Big Brother isn't concerned with your swine flu. They have bills to pass to keep you from gathering too many personal supplies and food items, ammo and guns and whatever else you might be "hoarding."

:::Following are some things to think about. This list is not all inclusive, there could be lots more, but this should get you started. Please don't wait until the last minute to try to think this through. Be prepared in advance. Best case you won't need to use any of your preparations, but it would be certainly nice to have them already in place should you need them.Considerations:~ Do I have enough food and water on hand for at least 30 days if I had to stay in place and could not get to the store? (Minimum water usage is considered 1 gallon of water per day per person and this would not include any washing, laundry, etc. which you most certainly might need to do with a sick person in your home). How will you store it? Where will you store it?~ Do I have enough of my usual prescription medications on hand for at least 30 days if I am unable to go out and get more? Do I have the usual prescriptions for any of my family members for at least 30 days?~ Do I have enough over-the-counter medications on hand for my family to help treat the signs/symptoms of flu? Things like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, electrolytes (Emergen-C and the like), Vitamin D, Vitamin C, cough drops, etc.~ Do I have items on hand to make a "quarantine" room for a sick family member if needed? Things like plastic drop cloth or shower curtains to cover doorways, N-95 or better masks to protect caregivers and to cover the sick to help contain spreading of the virus, rubber gloves, rubbing alcohol and other disinfectants, plenty of linens, laundry detergent, and the like?~ Do I have enough cash on hand to make any needed purchases should I be unable to get to the bank?~ Is there a point when I would decided to "self-quarantine" my family because of swine flu in my area? What is that "tipping point"? How will I define "self-quarantine" for my family?~ If both parents work, what is our plan for childcare in the event schools close? What if one or both parents become ill?~ What if a "worst-case" scenario hits and there are travel restrictions? What if you can't even cross from one county to the next in your home state? What if you work in one county, but live in another - could you get home if needed?Take a little time to think some of these issues through and have a game plan ready, just in case you need it. I'd much rather be prepared and not need to use it, than not be prepared at all.

Go to Tennessee Preppers Network -- either the link above or the news button on the left sidebar. The entire post is worth the visit. There are some great links you really should check out.

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