Thursday, July 23, 2009

Build A 50 Dollar Greenhouse

This was shared on a Back to Basics group I'm on. The link shares the material list and everything you need to know about building a great greenhouse. One of the ladies on the group has friends with one and she said the eat delicious tomatoes through December.

He mentions several hindsight changes and the price is off, but even with all new materials you're looking at less than $200.

We've had a greenhouse on our plan list for a while. With our soil needing so many ammendments, seems like a good time for one. Best part is I have plenty of pipes and wood frames...and a huge amount of thick plastic sheeting :o)

Do you have a greenhouse? What do you think? Useful?

Here's another shared link:

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LizBeth said...

That is very clever. If I can find some material that will withstand 70 mph winds, I'll be in business!
Thanks for sharing the link. Liz


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