Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gardening Plans on the Homestead

We have garden plans moving around the homestead right now.

I must admit, not having had much luck with gardening here in this clay 'stuff' they call soil, I' a bit more than anxious about starting the gardens this year. The past 2 seasons have been more of a waste than anything one might call a harvest.

I suppose it's not a wasted work, really. I mean, yes, a bit of money is spent and to have nothing come of it is a drag, but there is experience gained even in the miserable failures.

Right now I am putting together a fruit tree and bramble list. Debi is gearing up to place her order through their local 4H Tree Sale, and I am jumping on her bandwagon :o) It's a bit daunting thinking that in 2 weeks I'll have this order of trees and bushes arriving that need dealt with! No tiller yet, muck soil...I'm not even sure where I want anything yet!

Yes, I tend to jump into things head first...that is, as in not setting a good plan in motion. I do hope this adventure works as well as the others I have handled in the same way. Note: I don't recommend doing something large scale without a good plan of action!

Here is what I'm thinking of getting for the homestead:
6 apple trees -- 2 each of Jonathan, Granny Smith and Stayman ($45)
2 pears -- Bartlett and one other for pollination ($15)
(I read it better to have another variety, but one will work)
2 peaches -- 1 each Red Globe and Bell of Georgia ($15)
4 blueberry -- Jersey....and another high bush variety I don't know yet ($28)
4 blackberry -- 1 Early Harvest, 2 Arapaho and 2 El Dorado ($20)
4 red raspberry -- Heritage ($20)
2 grapes -- either Concord or Vanessa (seedless) ($10)

A grand total on the homestead fruit orchard here: $153.

Am I getting ahead of myself here? No one to help pant but the children. No idea for sure where I'm planting anything really.

On the veggie garden front, we stopped at seed starting with 72 tomatoes (20 being cherry), 40 bell peppers and 12 egg plants. I will probably sow the rest of the goodies out directly in the ground. I usually start the tomatoes and peppers because we use so many of them. The egg plant was just sitting there staring at me, so I planted them, too :o)

Well, I have to figure out where everything will be planted now...

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Brenda/haflinger said...

Deanna glad u can figure out things for the garden.Here we still have snow and lots of it with 6" coming in tomrrow ..Blessings Brenda/haflinger


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