Sunday, February 15, 2009

A note on our immunization choices...

As I said, we do not make a blanket statement about immunizations. We listen to doctors (when we need to see them...they always ask about immunizations, then proceed to give us their 10 cents worth of lecture). I take their sheets and information, look into their arguments if they are new or revised, and we determine what our stand is at that point in time. Each child is evaluated based on their health, our understanding of the information available and other deciding factors.

Part of our 'initial' reasoning behind the non-immunization stand was in how the immunizations were originally created. Polio/PolioVax, MMR II, Meruvax II, Imovax, Hep A, and the Varivax and chicken pox vaccines were derived, originally, from cells from fetal and other tissues, including those of aborted babies. The Varivax product also contains MSG in 2 forms, even though MSG is not recommended for infants or children. It also contains neomycin. We once used duck embryos, dog kidneys and reabbit kidneys to create viruse immunity boosters...then some disturbing adverse reactions were noted and we switched over to the fetal tissue from aborted babies instead. Not that I want dog kidneys injected into my children...but I don't want to have a hand in the abortion of babies for their cell tissue and research, either.

I'm not sure when exactly the last case of Polio was recorded in the US. There are outbreaks in other countries due to wild polio virus strain, but we are not in the habit of visiting other countries, so I'm not concerned so much with that. We have no known risk factors for contracting the wild polio virus, and if I should contract it the odds are I would never even know it.
Whooping Cough/Pertussis is a serious illness, however the vaccine has higher risk factors than most of our other 'standard given' vaccines. B. Pertussis is accountable for nearly 10% of all cough illnesses in children yearly. Teens and Adults both commonly carry the whooping cough virus, and the main reason they provide a good carrier is they do not stay home when sick. Whooping cough starts off looking like a regular cold, just longer term.

When was the last time you stayed home thinking you had a cold and didn't want to share it with anyone else? When was the last time you stayed home from church, the grocery store or even work because of a cough, a runny nose, or even a mild fever? How about Sunday School -- your children 'feel' fine, but are coughing or sneezing all over, or have runny noses. You are spreading all manner of diseases and germs to others, but no one thinks about it. Aw, it's just a cold. Is it? How do you know exactly?

The vaccines are not fool-proof and you could still be a 'silent' carrier of the disease. Typically, according to fact sheets, the most common occurrences of whooping cough these days are in teens who have obtained all immunizations to date. And most cases are undiagnosed because they are viewed as simply being a long running cold.

What about the children who cannot receive the Pertussis vax -- such as those with a history of seizures or epilepsy? Do you know if your infant between the ages of 2-6 months old has any developmental issues or neurological conditions? You'd better -- the CDC and AMA advise against the Pertussis vax for them as well. Most children who contract whooping cough are too young to have received even the first immunization so to say that so and so doesn't have it because your children are immunized is a moot point. I concern you for choosing not to, but what about someone who can't vaccinate?

Measles is a serious concern mainly for children under 5 and for adults. Most cases reported by the CDC are through those traveling overseas, moreso Asia and Europe. It isn't considered to be mainstream in the US these days. And a 'live' vaccine can be given within 72 hours of exposure for the same "permanent" protection as the immunization given on schedule.

They recommend re-vaccinations now for anyone who received a shot (MMR) before their 1st birthday, anyone vaccinated with a 'killed' measles vaccine, and those of us who might have been vaccinated prior to 1968.

Rubella vaccination is primarily to protect pregnant mothers and those wishing to get pregnant. Cytomegalo virus (which was one of the factors in our losing our daughter at 6 mo. gestational age), influenza, toxoplasmosis...these all affect a first-trimester mom in the same way Rubella will. Why isn't there a vaccine for them?

Not to mention the whole Thimerasol/mercury and Autism discussion. The CDC is still saying that "additional research on the cause of autism is needed" despite the sudden revelation that tests were tainted originally.

Add that to the fact that children given the Varivax or Chicken Pox shot should not be around pregnant women, those with chronic health issues or immune-deficient people immediately following the immunization because of the increased risk of their passing the disease to them based on their recent immunization with a live virus.

Children who receive the chicken pox shot are still shown to end up with a more mild case of cp at some later date, or even shingles. Typically, an outbreak of cp produces a higher 'immunity' rate than the shot does and has little side effect, although teenagers are at a risk.

We practice good health-keeping and try to eat a proper diet to keep our immune systems working at their peak potential. We watch ourselves and know how our bodies work and react to various things. We missed every Sunday and Wednesday of church in January because of one or another of us having "a cold" or a runny nose. We do not parade around public when sick or not feeling well. You won't find my children out playing with yours or sitting next to them in church if they have a runny nose, a cough or anything else typically looked upon as being 'mild' or 'nothing'. We aren't shopping at WalMart, coughing our germs along the aisles and shopping carts. We stay home when sick. We 'quarantine' ourselves basically.

If everyone did this, perhaps the vaccines wouldn't be necessary at all and eradictation would still be prevelent. Instead, we make excuses for 'having' to be here or there, despite being sick or under-the-weather. You keep your germs to yourself and I'll keep mine to myself. We'll all feel beter for it ;o) Health Topics, Pertussis pg 63 (Mandating Vaccines)


LizBeth said...

I hurt for all the single mothers out there who know they have to go to work when their kids are sick or they risk losing their jobs and their ability to feed their families. They send the kids to school sick, and everybody shares the germs. The break-up of families hurts all of us in so many ways. There is just no end to it. So much hurt. When we took our older son out of public school he finally stayed well and started gaining weight. Before that he had at least three major illnesses every year and didn't even gain weight for two years.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

I don't fault some at all for doing what they have to do. But by and large, most do it because they don't want to stay home with a sick child, or they don't want them to miss the school day, or they don't want to miss lunch with friends or whatever. Families don't come first anymore. People have been bullied into believing they have to go to work day in and day out like drones, no matter what happens. If you aren't any more valuable than that to your company, you might need to look at a new job.

Dawn said...

Dear Sister...

What a wonderful and thourough post. Thank you so much!!!
You know I have seen Christians hash over this subject and it turn down right ugly!

You have done much research and that is a real blessing.
Many doctors who administer those vaccines don't even know what's in them at times. :-(

There is this commercial that's constantly played on TV that gets our feathers ruffled. It's about getting your baby at 2 mo. , 4 mo. 6 mo., 8 mo. 12 mo, and so forth vaccinated!
Those poor babies bodies are not even developed and they want to pump all kinds of junk into their bodies?????

Oh I am so agree with you 100% that if adults and or children are sick...STAY HOME!!!

I hate going to Wal-Mart and some goon in hacking all over the aisle, the aisle I need to get in and they don't even cover their mouth!
I refuse to go down that aisle even though everyone else does, but sorry, I don't need whatever they have.
I hate that!!! Where are the manners??? If one must be out for whatever reason, take a hankie along and cough into that, but quit coughing on the food I want to buy!

Yes that is a big pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, hope you and the family have a wonderfully blessed week ahead. Let's glorify the awesome name of the LORD together!!!


LizBeth said...

Bullied is a good word for it. And there is a lot of it. If we had more employers do right by their employees, we'd have fewer people begging for the government to step in for them. Of course, the end result of that is loss of more freedom.

I've wondered about some of these layoffs lately. When my husband worked at the headquarters of a big company they would hear rumors about things going bad and they might have to let some people go. Then you'd hear a few more rumors. When the ground was laid, the layoffs would start. But the odd thing was, the layoffs seemed to target people in poorer health, people closer to retirement, etc. Seemed like they were just cleaning house. Of course the stock always went up right after that. Shareholders love layoffs.

Wish it were as simple as snapping our fingers and everything would get back in order, but it's not going to happen. It's a mess our there. Nothing new in the history of civilizations. What makes it so dangerous at this particular time is that so many nations are in essentially the same place. You might enjoy this book, Man Is Not Enough. Does a good job of tracing the fall the major world civilizations compared to the first chapter of Romans, then compares the condition of America to the pattern repeated in all the previous groups. We don't have much further to go. And he doesn't blame the women, either.
Amazon has some used copies:
Nice visiting with you. I'll get off here. Liz

Maggie Brown said...

Here is a great tip since the flu season is here, and kids are no doubt spreading germs. There is a new program out to teach to young children: Germy Wormy Germ Awareness for Germ Transportation Vehicles ages 2 –7! It is a mom-invented, fun and drug-free way for them to learn how to both avoid AND keep from spreading germs around. Check it out!
Give kids a PLACE to give their germs to – instead of you!

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