Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Farm Blogs From Around The World

Farm Blogs Around The World

Farm Blogs From Around the World is a place to to gather in one place the best farm blogs from around the world.
In his own words, Ian describes his efforts this way:
At Farm Blogs I am trying to gather in one place the very best of global blogging about farms and anyone involved in food or natural fibre production on any scale.

The idea behind Farm Blogs From Around the World is that people involved in farming/rural blogging recommend the blogs that they themselves find the most interesting.

When a blog is recommended to me, I add the blog to the blog rolls below, then contact the recommended blog, asking for their own recommendations.

And so it grows, organically, hoping that good bloggers will lead us to great ones.

Thanks for your interest and support.

He is collecting a wonderful list of blogs from every corner of the world -- AFRICA
I saw many online friends there. Definitely worth visiting -- you might make some great new friends in the homesteading and farming world of blogs!

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