Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whew...furniture moving is tiring

Jennifer and I (all the children are helping in one way or another...) are getting everything set up for the wood heater coming in this weekend.

The living/dining room area just won't work for it. Not on a practical 'we-have-to-walk-around-and-live-in-here' sense anyway. The clearances, even with the cement board on the wall, just sticks out too much.

So, the wood heater will be going into the sewing room.

Ahh, I once had a sewing room. Everyone who sews, wishes to have a room just for them to lay out their sewing goodies in...fabrics, notions, patterns, everything. I had that. A whole room to myself. Now I'm doing away with it. My machine has been set up out in the dining room so I can get to the basket of sewing needs/musts and still be a presence for schooling and such. It's worked out pretty good in there so far.

What is technically the dining room in this trailer holds my wall unit bookcases/desk, the cookstove was moved into there a few days ago, a small curio cabinet, and a monster-sized, weighs a ton, brass and pewter bakers rack. Jennifer and I moved the bookcase wall unit contraption yesterday.

Whew...first off, I'm very proud that we won that Ashley Comfort & Joy thing a couple years back. It was a tremendous blessing, truly it was. But the furniture has held up much much less than any other furniture we've ever had. I suppose that's simply how things are made these days. There's more money in your having to replace things on a regular basis than to keep it through the years :o( For all the cheap materials this stuff is made of, though, it's sized to be bulky to move and has a zillion screws holding it together.

It literally took us all day to move that thing. We emptied all of the school books and such from the unit and started taking it apart. We covered up the entire dining room with school things....my bedroom with sewing things...and 3 garbage bags with items to the burn pile. I'm such a pack-rat :o( You know, of course, I'll now come up with a hundred and one uses for the things we burned away yesterday.

Here is the sloppy, overloaded "before" in the middle of taking things away, sorting and moving:
Yes...we MUST go get water this week. It's been nothing but rain lately here and we haven't been able to go for 3 weeks now. If I can't get it this week, we'll have to buy more.

Here is what we have now, in the living room, opposite the end of the dining room table:
I used to have a dry erase board up on that wall, and our alphabet chart. I have no idea where the recliner is going yet. For now, it just sits there, sort of in front of the unit. Oh well, no one ever comes over to visit, so who'll know?
The empty shelf now has our set of The Book of Life series (the KJV Bible written without line or chapter breaks, with photos of each region sprinkled throughout. We love this set!) and we'll have it filled later this week when the school books arrive. We are still fine-tuning the shelves at the bottom.

The sewing room is sort of 'ready' for the stove now. I need to find homes for some of the items yet still lingering about in there is disarray, but for the most part, it's ready to go. We can't move the bakers rack. No way. It takes Dewey and Chris to do anything with it. Jennifer and I don't have a chance of so much as scooting it across the room. Now for a good scrubbing and getting the cement board on the wall and floor, relocating the miscellaneous 'stuff' still without a home.

I had to move my violets...I hope they don't stop blooming with the change of lighting now. I set a lamp up on the desk for them until I can find them another sunny location.

I've got to get to some sewing today no matter what. I still have meat to can up, but we forgot to pull another batch from the freezer yesterday, so I'll have to do it up tomorrow. Right now, the pressing need is pants for the boys!


Brenda/haflinger said...

Good morning Deanna.. First let me say your vilots look great.. I have four beautiful vilots and and to move them for the Christmas tree well guess what they died.. So I will start over..

You did a great job moving you and the children. Its alot of work to find a place for something new.

Did you get the info I sent you on the wood stove? Haven't heard back from you on it..

Enjoy u sharing pictures..

BLessings Brenda/haflinger

Anonymous said...

What an amazing transformation in the before and after pictures! It looks beautiful and so orderly. My son is coming tomorrow, Lord willing, for a few days, to help us "transform" my office. Hubby has his own electrical business and many items that should be stored at his shop, somehow sneak into the house. So, with electrical units, paperwork, empty boxes, and so much else--there is literally just a PATH from the door to the computer desk! We're also going to pull up ancient carpeting too. I should post before and after pictures, but it's REALLY bad! You must be so happy now that it's all done!

Mrs. Trixi said...

Your violets are beautiful. Do you already have some wood cut or do you have some lined up to get? I am so glad you are getting your wood heater. I know it is a neccisity.

Dawn said...

Oh lucky you to be getting a wood heater!!! I know you will share pictures as soon as you get it. :)
I love that bookshelf / desk thing you have! It's beautiful!
I am not a pack rat, but I do LOVE books! I think we will be needing another bookshelf soon. The problem with that, is there is no room in the living room for another shelf. One wall already houses 3 large bookshelves. :)

I am glad your week seems to be going well for you all!

Blessings and hugs from Texas!


Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Haflinger...yes, I got the information. Seems it wandered into the spam folders of the email. I had something set wrong over there.

Brenda...Dewey is an electrician as well, though he much prefers working for someone than having his own business, especially now with running this hospital. He is very much a put on the tools and get to the real work kind of guy. We always have wire nuts, set screws, bits of trimmed wire, you name it -- I could open a supply house with all the materials that come in the house and get left behind from pockets!

Trixi...no, I still have to get wood. There are several men in the community so I'm hopeful to get all we need to finish the season locally. We'll get busy here cutting our own for next year.

Dawn, I'm a firm believer that you can never have enough books...or bookcases. I want the entire loft of that house I 'drew out' here to be bookcases. Aside from having all my standard subjects for all school levels, there are good Christian reading books, reference books, etc. we need.
LOL...I'm planning our own home library to limit those town trips and have everything on hand here. I know our forefathers managed quite nicely with a Bible, Foxes Book OF Martyrs and maybe one school reader....but I'm way to Type A Personality for that!



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