Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Allergies, the TV Cord and pizza cravings...

I'm cold.

I know, I know. I have said many (many) times that I don't get cold down here. Normally, I don't. It's rather windy today and it's cool and I do believe I'm just exhausted and probably coming down with something :o( Better not be more than a cold. I'm still battling this whatever-it-is allergy and that's about all I care to take on right now. It's been far too long with this already. The doctor called yesterday and told me if I don't clear up they will refer me to an allergist.

An allergist. I don't even want to know what that's going to cost. Dewey said if I need to go, I just have to buck up and go. I'm not looking forward to going, but honestly, it's driving me nutso here. And the kicker -- I still don't know what brought it on. I have small patches of itchy-ness on my face, arms, shoulders, etc. We have gone over everything here with a fine-toothed comb...bed linens, checking any food that might have changed, laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo, everything we can think of. Nothing has changed.

Dewey said I'm stressed. I don't see that really...yes, he's gone and we are playing single parent family here, but really I think we are handling it well. Not that we don't miss him terribly, I just don't see myself breaking out with some reaction over it. Sorry, dear.

We watched TV last night. Wanted to catch the network's "soft test" of the digital switchover. I'm actually happy to report that as of Feb 17th, unless the government puts their foot down and postpones the digital revolution, we will be television-free once and for all. During their soft test last night, we were a black and white speckled fuzzy mess of nothing. Ahh, I'm anxiously awaiting the middle of February.

Ok, I will miss some of the upcoming Masterpiece Theater showing on PBS. We like things like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and such. But, alas, our 3 year old TV just isn't up for the next generation. It will be totally under the control of my queue over at Netflix now. Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie, some select episodes of Little House on The Prairie, Avonlea/Road to Avonlea, and some schooly things like Nature and The Life of Mammals, The Life of Birds, and 30 years of National Geographic specials, etc.

Typically, you can get Netflix rather quickly, but we live on the other side of nowhere out here, so no matter how quickly we watch a movie and plunk it back into the mail, it takes about a week for us to get another one. We have a 5 movie plan right now, so on a good month, we can get about 22 movies on average for our fee. We do have 2 video stores in town, but it's a college town. They pretty much stock things we aren't interested in watching...blood, gore and junk. I know...in the realm of going simple, Netflix probably isn't getting us there, but we are working on it. Television has been a large part of our history. If I didn't lack strength of conviction in this area (I do think we can find some useful things to watch...same as I can find some useful things online), I would definitely say CUT THE CORD completely...GO COLD TURKEY to rid yourself of the ties that hold you. Slow weaning very rarely works to break addictions. I'm not saying it can't be done that way, but statistically, it never happens. Just a thought there.

The deer is ready for us to pick up so off we go. I'm really breaking simple living goals here. I'm thinking pizza from town for dinner. I don't feel up to making one, but man am I craving a Pizza Hut pan pizza....I'm such a starch person today. I just want thick warm crust with a touch of sauce and lots of cheese...maybe some mushrooms and green peppers, too...for color, you know :o)


Ante Family Agrarians said...

I'm so sorry your not feeling well. I to have been battling a runny nose, and I hope I'm not coming down with a stomach virus. YUCK!
Hey, my favorite pizza is: Pizza Hut Pan Supreme. YUMMY!!! Don't forget the glass of pop to go with it. LOL!
Enjoy your pizza every once in awhile we need a break...huh?
I know how terribly you must miss your husband. I know how much I miss Logan when he's gone for work.
Peace, Kris

As Simply As We Can said...

I don't know Deanna....maybe it could be stress. The reason I say that is that I do the exact same thing. I break out in hives and it's not till I have itchy spots that my brain even *registers* that I'm under stress! I mean, if you asked me I'd say no I'm not stressed, I'm fine! I don't even know it until I wake up with hives...

And honestly, at this point I would gladly chuck our t.v. But I have a hubby who wouldn't go along with that so it stays.

I agree with Kris - Pizza Hut Pan Supreme is the best!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Violin Mom said...

Sorry you are feeling so badly. I hope the mystery is solved soon. You can do no TV! Our family of 4 will be TV-free for 6 years in March. After the first couple of weeks, you won't even think about it. I find it intolerable, now, whenever we are near a TV, like in a doctor's waiting room, etc. It has changed a lot since we quit - more frenetic than ever. Quitting TV is a great way to reestablish and redefine your family's culture. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling bad. Hope it passes soon.

We are fighting the tv thing as well. We recently cancled our netflix. We could get a new movie about every 2 days. I have disscussed chunking the tv with Derek. He isn't going for it right now. Maybe when we have our two little babies to care for the tv will collect a little dust;~)

Now you got me craving a bacon and onion pan pizza! Hey, I have the the stuff to fix that tomorrow!

GraceFromHim said...

Aww hope you feel better soon.

I understand about the TV. The TV in our home has been a family battle. I absolutely despise it at times. If I had my way we would be TV free! Of course there are a few decent programs, some are ones you had mentioned that I would miss ;)

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Today we called and canceled our "Dish", we can't get an analogue or digital signal so that means no TV for us! I am a little apprehensive about it, like you TV is a big part of our history. (which is kind of a sad thing if you think about it) we too signed up for nexflix and so far have been really happy with the selection.

Debi said...

Yummmy, did ya get that pizza???? I went to Wally the other day and got two of those 16" ones. They are pretty good when I want pizza and am to lazy to make my own.
So sorry that you are still itchy.
Seems like a good think about the tv, but ya figures that they finally put some good stuff on, and now you can't even watch it.
But that's what Netflix is for, did I mention that I can mail something on Wed and have a new movie on Fri. I know hush already.
I wonder if maybe it is stress for you, you aren't used to Dewey being gone like this and didn't you say this started after he left at Thanksgiving? Praying that it will go away soon, and the allergist will not be needed. I must get to bed no cause it is crazy late.

Anonymous said...

Dear, you need a mental vacation. Set everything aside for one day. Don't try to solve the world's problems. Avoid the news. Read or watch something you just plain enjoy. Eat your comfort food. Put reality off for a day. A whole day! [I used to read women's magazines and eat Fritos and bean dip and drink Dr Pepper. Of course, by the end of the day I was so tired of the stupid magazines, I was totally ready to get back to reality. But I was more relaxed.] You need a mini-break.. I know you miss your Dewey. Blessings, an older mom

Ann'Re @ Home said...

I hope you are feeling better. Stress will wear you down quickly so do take care of yourself. I know pizza always makes me feel better, especially the ones with lots of cheese. ;) I would love to just get rid of the TV, but Hubby and I don't agree on it...so it stays for now. Unless you watch PBS, even if you do find something that is ok to watch...the commercials make up for it. :0

xoxo, Chloe said...

I grew up without a tv so of course whenever we went to a friends house or hotel we were all fighting over the tv :) I have a tv now but there is nothing good on so I only turn it on once a week. After I move again next month, I'll probably go back to no tv. Personally, I prefer a good book over tv. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Hey there "older Mom" --
I had to smile at your thought. I don't know about the women's magazines, but oh boy, it's been a long time since I just vegged out, without a thought to the cares of the world around me, with Fritos, bean dip and a Dr Pepper :o) Sounds like a headache in the making now, but I think I could manage it for sure. I still do far more Dr Pepper than I should, but I haven't had the Fritos and bean dip in FOREVER!!!

Everyone -- I certainly understand the conflict of TV most of us go through. Dewey wouldn't agree to cutting that cord I know...even if he never turned it on again, he'd want it there just in case something good came on. What makes it easy for us right now is he isn't here. We have done away with a lot of things because it's easy to do it and adjust ourselves now that he isn't here.
Sounds terrible, I know. I miss him terribly, but we can test out so many plans this way. LOL...he keeps telling me have my fun being a pioneer but when he comes back I'll be pulled back into the fast century of progress here :o)



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