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Civil Defense a Requirement for Citizenship?

Thanks D for posting this...

Citizenship is not an entitlement program. You have to take part in the military in order to be a citizen of the United States?

Universal Citizen Service. Universal Citizen Defense Training.

Required? 3 months of basic training then required to serve in civil defense?

Might not get to have a college education unless you sign yourself into military slavery?

This 'plan' Rahm Emanuel is touting wouldn't be voluntary. It would be a requirement for all youth, all young men and young women, to sign up for what amounts to civil defense slavery.

I'm not anti-military really. My opinion on the war/conflict/problem/issue, whatever you wish to call it, isn't really important. Neither is yours. Whether or not you or I believe in the war at large or in the military itself isn't important to anyone, let alone the government. I pray heartily and deeply for all of our men and women serving our country. No, I do not wish for nor encourage my children to go into the military, especially given our current trend of action. Some do. It's a personal choice.

No matter what side you stand on with a thought to this country, its military or the war at large, it's A CHOICE you have made for yourself and for your family. You were not dragged out of bed in the middle of the night in some civil defense draft and taken against your will. You chose freely to defend your country and stand strong.

My nephew is currently in Afghanistan and has been there this past year and will most likely be there until at least the middle of next year. My brother is serving yet again...He has been out of the Marines for years now, but has served continually since that time as a non-military presence in several areas...he was in Iraq/Iran before most folks even knew there was something brewing over there, way back when.

It is their choice. I thought that was what this country was built on. The word FREEDOM was rather prominent in the vocabulary of the day for our Bill of Rights, our Constitution...the founding of our government in general. Wasn't it? Thought that was the line I was taught all through my school years.

Guess we should have seen it coming. It's not like it's been in hiding all along. We are moving away from being America to becoming Amerika.

I thought it was only in the's the middle of the night and something is happening in houses up and down the street. In the morning you wake up and realize you have friends, neighbors, even children who are simply gone, without notice or trace. What if you try to hide those friends, those neighbors, your children from the military police squad coming to take them for their 3 month mandatory training and subsequent service?

We can't continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve national security....
President-elect Barack Obama

We have to have a civilian security force.

Maybe I don't dispute that we need that. Maybe I do. The point is when was it decided that you are not a true-hearted citizen of this country unless you serve in its military? We have FREEDOMS in this country...this isn't Russia (well, not just yet, anyway...), this isn't Iran or Iraq...we don't snatch children or our men and women from their homes and families and force them to render service unto the government-led military forces.

My children do not belong to the government. My children are US citizens by simple birth and perhaps nothing more it seems. My children belong to God and should not be subject to the desires of a government not following God's path.

Maybe I do want to be one of those way-out folks who stash food and other needs in various areas so when the time comes to make a rather hasty leave, we can do it with a small footprint left behind.


As Simply As We Can said...

Right. And the focus of it is going to be 18-25 years olds. Ummm, hello? What age are a large majority of NEW MOMS!?!?!?

It's one thing to support your government when they are protecting you and acting as they should. It's another thing to be forced into it against your will when that government is turning into something you don't even recognize and are not so sure you support anymore...

Anonymous said...

We already have a civilian defense. It's called the National Guard and it's totally voluntary. The problem is that it has been misused to bolster our national defense in unnecessary wars around the world. We have spread ourselves too thin trying to police the world and now have no protection at home. BRING HOME OUR NATIONAL GUARD!


Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Exacty....both D and Laurie. I don't know much about The Guard at all really, but I thought it was exactly what you mentioned. I suppose I could go on an internet Google-run and read up on it, but in the long run, it isn't going to make much of a difference really.

We threw everything we had overseas and now they feel we need to have some sort of dog run set up around the border here.

They should have planned it our ahead of time instead of trying to cover their backsides now with thoughts of required service. There are a lot of military families in our world, but there are also alot of families who do not want to take part in that.

I am not saying that we don't need some presence here at home, but we have more than enough troops already in the military to provide homeland defense. Sadly, we've used them up and basically abused their efforts and the numbers they talk about exiting the military branches without reenlistment are pretty high up there. They are burnt out and I imagine most went into the military to protect this country...not walk the borders of Afghanistan.

It's just one of those 'topics' that will produce hard feelings all around. Everyone has their opinion and that's as it should be. As I said, I'm not anti-military. Just because I don't encourage my children to participate does not make me against it. I believe that it should be a CHOICE, not forced upon them to prove out their rights to the name US Citizen.
That's just way too USSR...

Mrs. Trixi said...

As you know, we are a military family. The love of my life, as we speak, is getting ready to go on his second deployment to Iraq (fulltime National Guard). He does it willingly in hopes that our son may not have to go fight this same terrorism. In saying that, I would like to say what he would agree with, troops who are required to enlist rather than voluntary make horrible recruits. In order to have a strong, great, military you must want to serve and protect our freedom. It is something that is engrained in your character from almost birth. If you don't have it you don't need to be forced into it. I see this same character engrained into the heart of my son but I don't see it in some of his other peers. Those who don't have this should not be made to.
As for women in the military, I don't feel like they should be there now. So I definitely don't want my little maidens, future keepers at home, to be required to serve. This is lunacy.
However, if you read God's Word, and I know you do, it's just going to get worse in these last days.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

I completely agree with you, Trixi. And I hope you know that my deepest prayers are going back overseas with your husband, Debi's husband, my nephew and brother, and every other soldier who is walking that line to protect our families back here in the best way they know how to.

It would most definitely be the fact that they are even considering 'requirement' of this. That simply irks me beyond measure. It is placing a requirement on being a US citizen, not alone forcing service onto individuals who do not believe in it.

It is total lunacy, but as you said, we should know it will be what's coming in this life. Maybe it won't fly now, but it will, perhaps on a much more grand level, one day in the future.

Anonymous said...

I must confess, I didn't really read much of this post. However I think I agree with most of what you are saying except that serving in the military is a choice. It hasn't always been a choice. Do you remember the draft?

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

You're right, it hasn't always been a choice, but that's the part I totally disagree with.

Back during the draft years, there was far more 'patriatism' if that's what you want to call it. Young men thought it an honor for the most part to come to the aid of their country. But that's changed. I suppose, not being a scholar on war issues at all, it probably made its biggest shift with Vietnam.

Most folks are not behind this current war/conflict/whatever tag you choose to give it.
The purpose is not clear in anyone's minds and hearts as to the strength of connection it carries anymore.
We were emotional following 9/11 and rightly so given the scope of tragedy and terror we witnessed in this country, and rightly so. But our emotions were harnessed by the government and off we went to end the war on terrorism.

That connection isn't there anymore. It was a dark day in our history, but our emotional levels are not at all where they were back then. Most polls show that people are not looking over their shoulders for more attacks, that the government ran quickly over there with a purpose but they slowed to a drag because they had no real plan of action. It's gotten worse now. Now it's just ducks in row marching off pretending to have a plan in place.

To reissue anything resembling the draft is ridiculous in this day and age. It's more communistic at this point than anything. You cannot force patriatism on people. You cannot force loyalty or emotions on people. To make service of any kind a 'requirement' is just another huge step toward our lack of independence and lack of so-called American freedoms. It places us right there alongside any other communist nation.

Sure, the Muslims have what appears to be an unlimited backing to their course of action, but they are taught that from day one. They are brainwashed, if you will, to have a deep loyalty to their god and their call in life is to be a martyr. To die any other way is shameful to their family and their heritage.

We don't have that here. Forced military service isn't going to breed that. It's going to blow up in their very faces that way. To have someone forced to defend our country, to force them against their will and their conscience to walk the lines of an 'enemy' country in defense of our 'freedom' here goes against everything we have been raised to believe we have in this country. It lays waste to every founding ideal we have taught over the past several generations. It makes for a very poor line of defense that isn't going to succeed on any level.

Might as well just line us up along the fence around our country, men, women and children alike, give us all guns and rocket launchers and whatever else is out there and we can just shoot it out and finish everyone off. Better yet, push that big red button and be done with it. We can all be martyrs...for a system that isn't working in the first place.

Honestly, all the 'required' crap aside, we don't belong in any other country trying to push our methods of government and democracy onto each nation who appears beneath our standards. We have failed in maintaining our own country and keeping our own heads above water, what gall and extreme pride and vanity to parade into another country and call it 'help for an oppressed people'.

America is hardly fit enough to be policeman to the world. But, it's just another plunge toward that one world order that's coming and bringing in the fulfillment of the Scriptures we've seemingly forgotten to read.



Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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