Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well now...

Ok, this week my modem decided it was time to pass on.

Not necessarily a big deal, but in the world of notebook computers, apparently it's a bigger deal than I thought.

I bought an external modem (yes, my husband loves me, doesn't he? awwww, sweetie...) and it worked. Yeah :o) Life was once again not so bad. Well, we turned off the computer over-night and poof...hardware failure and no modem again.

Grrr. Life took a turn away from really good toward really annoying.

Yes, time away from the computer and Internet can be a good thing. I'm a mom. It isn't as though I don't have a gazillion things to do away from here.'s also my life-line to like-minded fellowship and I really do treasure that.

Either way, I left the notebook with a repair man today and maybe, maybe, I will get good news (like the whole thing isn't lost, just needs a bit of reformatting to make it work) next week. The computer isn't but 2 years old, so I would hope it can be easily and cheaply fixed back for internet access again, but then again, it's technology and was out-dated the week I bought it. I'm hopeful, though.

I told my husband to buy himself a boat.

And I, in return, would go pick out a new entertainment PC for myself. Or maybe a Mac. I have a friend trying to get me to the Mac side of life :o)

Now, wouldn't you think any husband would jump on that offer? I mean, how many wives just up and say, Honey, I want you to have a new boat. Sure, don't go wild and get some mega-horse-power speed boat, but something in a nice 16 ft flat-bottom with a good sized motor and trolling motor for those puddles over there in Arkansas...

But, alas, he declined. The prude. I tried to tell him our cell connection was bad and I didn't catch that :no: but that didn't work either.

You know, it's hard being a Godly wife sometimes. Living with the practical and the right. All that wives obey your husbands stuff in there, among other little reminders.

Maybe, just maybe, if I try that part about winning your husbands with your quiet spirit instead of nagging...

I just won't mention the notebook again. Or that I am using our old computer here now...big beast of a computer with a 100# monitor that took up my ENTIRE desk....I had to move all the sewing gadgets and sewing machine out of here to make room for the monitor. And would think something this blasted huge woudl have a bit of pick-up-and-go to it, but notta chance. It's winter...a far north, Canadian sort of winter. And do you think I can find a thing on this machine? Good grief, no! It's Windows ME. ME. I balked against loading the XP update on this way-back-when and let me tell you, I've got bruises from kicking myself now that I've pulled it back out and put it back into work. Everything is different on here...the menu's aren't the same, the icons aren't the same. LOL...I can't find anything! The colors are weird, the screen is funky and it takes up way too much room.

I'm spoiled. I admit it. I like my notebook. I like the XP operating system. I like not having to give up an entire room of my poor tiny little doublewide here just to have internet access.

Honey, please....please...I love you....GO GET A BOAT!!!!

and don't try to take this out of context sweetie...your notebook will self-destruct if you try to cut-n-paste the part about getting a new boat and motor and leaving off the part about the computer :o) Love you!

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