Friday, October 17, 2008

Building an incubator, setting a woodstove

This came through a list I receive and I thought I'd share. We have a large incubator in the workshop here just waiting on a re-work of its wiring and such. Well, that and some chickens who feel the urge to lay an egg ocassionally.
This site has great photos of what they did.

We really need to get ourselves set up properly here. I'm glad the cooler weather (yeah, right...this is Mississippi...) is coming. Next weekend, when Dewey is home, I'll have the insulation and the plywood here for him to do the roof onthe front porch. Then I can get my cement board and move my woodstove out there and pipe it up for use. The idea at this point is that we will enclose that front porch and make it an actual usable portion of the house here. I'd like to take out the front windows and have a double door to the 'outdoor kitchen' we're making. Something to move the heat into the dining room/living room here when it is a bit cooler, and something to close off in the summer when the last thing I need is heat!

For right now, I would just like to get the cookstove moved out there and put to use. I can't do the ceiling plywood myself at all, but once Dewey does that, the children and I can do the rest. We will have to close the porch in somewhat now to use the stove as it's north-facing, and all the weather comes straight on. I'm hoping something simple like a piece of plywood for a bit of wall will due, right behind the stove itself. We'll see. I really want to start playing with that stove and getting used to it and using it.

Hmmm...wood. Guess I need to get some wood lined up and ready to use. LOL...I don't know that I'm very good at splitting wood for kindling. Better start on that now :o)

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