Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Planning for Winter...

I know -- funny I would even use that word, heh? I don't believe the South gets what can truly be called winter.

Still...it's so nice and cool right now I'm just really in one of those moods. I am feeling so autumn and winter like! It's wonderful. My neighbors are talking about frost....ok, I sure don't see that happening with it only being in the 50's at night and mid-70's for the days, but I'll go with the flow.

D over at As Simply As We Can was talking about planning and pulling those ends together with a serious budget crunch in the works. It got me thinking, which on some days is a good thing.

We aren't ready for winter here. Not even a Southern version of winter. We have had a good 18 weeks of little to no grocery shopping, just the bare essentials which really, I shouldn't have been buying in the first place -- diapers (I made 2 dozen cloth last year...) and worse yet, Pull-Ups (yeah, I know...there goes my status as anything frugal...what a waste of money!) Our pantry is not looking very pretty at all, but with Dewey on this new job, I have high prayers I can get it back up a bit now.

Our goal with his job, with his being gone from the family, isn't stocking the pantry at all, but I do pray to get at least some stocking done back up. I am determined to pay those stupid loans, though. If that means I can't stock as I'd like, so be it. The idiot loans are the only real important thing. I want debt-free again and I want it with a vengence.

Which has nothing to do with winter planning whatsoever....I digress so easily :o(

D's talk of her sliding glass doors on steroids made me start thinking of Window Quilts again. I love the look of a quilted window :o) They are so cozy and homey. They just make me think deep snow and woodstoves and cabin living for some reason. Pioneer-y I guess you could say. I have seen some really pretty ones -- very planned out design-wise and all coordinated. They are beautiful.

Personally, I rather prefer that pioneer country look much more. The patchwork sort of style. Pretty and maybe loosely considered 'coordinated' but more in the lines of practical and functional with a touch of pretty at the same time. I'm going to have to make some now, you know. D has me thinking nothing but patchwork on my windows. I have tons of cheap, just-this-side-of-usefulness, flannel in the closet here. Not the prettiest in the world, not the highest quality by any stretch...but with some sort of batting (I'm thinking cheap, thin blankets) and a solid backing (I'm thinking flat sheets from the dollar store)...this close to useless flannel could be put to use afterall.

Ok...now I need a sewing buddy! It's always more fun to have a buddy. Anyone live close enough for a sewing day????

Speaking of which, the girls are going to work the pantry today and get things cleaned up. The youngers are going to finish school this morning. I am moving my sewing machine to the dining table -- keeps me in better view of everyone -- and I am getting to work on the clothing needs. I have 3 or 4 pairs of broadfalls cut for the boys, a couple of dresses ready to stitch, and we need to get some headcoverings for the girls going. My middle daughter really wants the hanging veils that the olders wears instead of her kapp style. Theirs are simply too roomy along the face for her, so I'll do some a bit smaller and see what we have.

LOL...might even get some bloomers done up :o)

Right now I'm heading off to have one of those absolutely delicious smelling Cinnamon Cocoa Breakfast rolls Johanna is making. Wish I had the makings for a cup of hot cocoa to go with it! Maybe I should put on some Christmas hymns while I'm sewing :o) Yes -- that would be truly rushing the season, wouldn't it? Only the middle of September and I'm thinking Christmas music....bad enough the stores will be putting all that in my face in another few weeks!

Share some thoughts on those window quilts and some other must-do winter planning for the homestead if you have time!


PocketsoftheFuture said...

I would love to know more details about how to make window quilts. The directions I have here are so complicated that I have not made them all this time.

I am working on making some nevertheless. I am embroidering a set of birds in redwork that I will make into window quilts for my boys's room. They have a big old double window that lets in a lot of cold air. I think there will be 6 birds per window framed by calico and backed by something I hope to be able to afford!

I would love feedback and direction from you as I have no idea what I am doing. I am just faithfully stitching up these birds hoping that the next step becomes apparent to me! I have three birds done with three to go to get just one window ready. I hope not too much of winter will have gone by before I get enough done to make a difference.

Thank you,

Christy said...

ohhhh, I love you and your blog!! I wish I lived close by to have a sewing day!!! I so enjoy visiting your blog!! Have a great day!!! Enjoy the Autumn weather!!!

Amanda said...

I wish I were close enough for a sewing day!

Veiled Glory said...

Hi Mrs. Deanna! I had no idea you were blogging over here. :) Looks rather nice, I think.

Thanks for the encouragement!


As Simply As We Can said...

Teehee...I really got your mental juices flowing didn't I? Even us southern gals have to prepare for winter!! I know we don't get what those up north get, but here we do get our share of 20 or 10 degree days. That's cold enough for me!


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