Friday, February 19, 2016

Sunshine, Sewing, and other goodies for the weekend

 This week I gathered a bunch of fabric, washed it all up, let it hang to dry, and now it's time for some sewing on the homestead. The weather has been beautiful, the back door here on the addition-soon-to-be-kitchen is wide open letting in a nice breeze and some sunshine. My sewing corner is at one of the windows, so wonderful sunshine to stitch by there as well. The kids are outside working on a couple of cleaning projects before the rain moves back in again this weekend. outside, sun shining, wind blowing, fabric there a better time to turn on the machine and get busy?

 I gathered a bunch of fat quarters I had here to get sent off for a special project. Nope, not saying anything more than that until summer, then I promise a beautiful project reveal here.

 And this chunky monkey...I spent a couple of days working with some yarn and a great pattern from one of my favorite designers, KT & The Squid

 The Burnside Cardigan is sized for 2T thru 10 and has toggle buttons or a zipper for closure. I grabbed the pattern, made a note of the yarn she suggested and off I went. Got back home to notice after 30 minutes playing with yarn colors, I ended up buying the same exact one she used in her sample. I'd like to say great minds think alike but she is crazy skilled with designing and I am but a player with yarn. Anyway, I went to work, not once checking my sizing plan with the chunky monkey (who by the way is here on the homestead I decided I better throw it on him to check it out, after completing everything but one sleeve mind you, and wouldn't you know it...chunky thing here fit it NOW. Not bad of course, but my game plan was a sweater large enough for next fall. Sigh. So, frogged that one and started another size...a 4T this time, just to be safe.

 Another project in the yarn basket is the Sporty Pullover, a free pattern from Free Luckily I started that one in size 4 right from the start :-)

But back to the sewing and the breeze and the sunshine. I was blog strolling the other day and visited Life in a Little Red Farmhouse. If you haven't been there, go! They designed and built a great little old fashioned farmhouse and it's just beyond cute. And the farm, her design and craft ideas, the recipes... Trust me, just go and stroll around the pages.

While strolling around, I stumbled on a page I had saved already (and forgotten about) on crafting some cute dishcloths. Well here I am with all this sunshine and a pile of freshly washed and dried fabric so of course, I tore into some towels and got to work!

Cut up old bath towels, buy new terry cloth fabric, or be lazy like me and just grab a handful of washcloths :-)
Some days I am all about the almost instant gratification of a pile of finished projects, kwim?

 Now she was way more precise and pretty with her plan than I was. I just grabbed towels and fabric and went to town. They are most definitely NOT squared off, they aren't even measured really, but they will do the job on the dishes, the counters, and even look pretty in the process so I am happy. She gives you all the particulars of making your own though, so you can have pretty, practical and square cloths to brighten up your kitchen as well.

Also on the cutting table is a couple of quick skirts, and maybe a shirt or two after I finish up an apron. Emily picked out some fabrics for some new coverings as well. I worked up one already as a reversible and I think I'll do her others like that as well.

Other than that, it will be a weekend of yard work as we continue with the Great Spring Purge of 2016 here on the homestead. There is just so much clutter in the yard it's driving me bonkers. We bagged up a bunch for the poor garbage man this morning, then I asked about just hauling it in myself. The place I stopped at before is our county landfill. I was hoping they'd have an alternate location I could stop and dump at...there's no way, until the ground is hard as cement, my van with a loaded trailer will get in and out of there without problems. We may end up just gathering it all and waiting on the men of the homestead to haul the trailer in, I don't know.

Another project in the next week or so is putting together a pantry stock-up shopping list. I know I keep saying I'm going to do that...and I have started it...but now is the time to kick it in gear and get a list set so I can do some shopping. Might as well put that refund we jumped thru government hoops to get back to some practical use, right? And a dear, sweet friend went on an eBay bidding spree this week and won a new 7qt Pro Series KitchenAid mixer for herself...then turned around a won one for me too! My KitchenAid is easily 18 years old, and it's getting to the point she needs continual maintenance now, tightening the head back up after each use and all. I AM UNBELIEVABLY BLESSED that she even thought of me, and then bid and got a great price, and then told me not to stress and to pay her next week :-) The new mixer will just about do my 6 loaf bread recipe, and easily knock out double batches of even my largest cookie recipes, so this sets us up all the better for adding baked goods to the Sale list around here again. I may even do some punch cards up for a free loaf or dozen cookies after a few purchases :-) I tend to give away more baked goods than I sell anyway, LOL.

But, if I don't get away from this computer, I shall miss all my sunshine for sewing! I will return Sunday afternoon and post the next weekly reading schedule for our Walk Thru Scripture.
Have a blessed weekend everyone!!


janet said...

Loving those dish towels!! Going to have to make some for my kitchen!
What skirt pattern are you using? I have a lady that wants sewing lessons and she wants to make a simple A-line skirt.
Thanks, Deanna
Big hugs from Indiana

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Everything is so lovely that you are making! Love the shades on the wee one!

Greg and Donna said...

I love the washcloths, great idea! Have fun sewing, your new sewing area sounds awesome! And you are blessed to have grandson chunky monkey every day! I'm working on organizing my loads of scrap fabric into something useable! donna


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