Monday, February 22, 2016

A Weekend Learning Curve

Ok, I will admit it freely. I love babies. I would have had another 10 if I were able. 
I could totally have rocked the Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe
That said, after 9 years of no baby in the house, and just having spent the weekend with 8 month old grandson staying overnight here, I am ready to admit it: 
I am WOEFULLY and UTTERLY NOT equipped for a baby in the house anymore.
 He slept like a dream, honestly. And he wasn't really fussy during the day either. But...the dogs were stressed with a baby in the house past his usual go home time. And when the day ended and the lights went out, they were really stressed at the fact he was still here. Their sense of normal was gone.  They paced and grumbled most of the 2 nights. Every shadow was cause for alarm. Every moth past the porch light sent up flags of pending attack. At least they slept during the day, sigh.
My sense of normal, albeit crazy most days, was pretty much MIA as well. I discovered that babies still require some scheduling and some routine. And that their routine is no longer the routine of this homestead. 
We did a great deal here this weekend. 
We accomplished absolutely nothing. 

The necessary chores were completed, a bit behind their schedule. We managed dinner, a bit behind it's schedule. We did laundry and such, and I even worked in some sanity yarn time on that sweater. 

We got up at our usual time, though there was considerably more fanfare and commotion to it. We went to bed only a wee bit later than our usual time. 
Truth be told, that was more from sheer exhaustion from being wired in the ON position all day than from physical exhaustion caused by a good productive day of work. 

I love babies. I would have kept having more and more, but The Lord had other plans for our family. Now I have a grandson. I love him to the moon and back several times, and I will totally rock this new season of my life.

Once I get a handle on how it works.

And once I get a nap.

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