Monday, January 25, 2016

Walking Thru Scripture: Finishing up in Genesis

First off, here are this week's reading chapters if you are reading thru the Bible on a chronological schedule:
Genesis 35-37
Genesis 38-40
Genesis 41-42
Genesis 43-45
Genesis 46-47
Genesis 48-50
Exodus 1-3
Exodus 4-6

And in our Facebook group I have added some study guides and such I found online:
(This site is full of various topical outlines and guides. Anything you want to dig deeper into and compare in Scripture is there)
Here is the direct link to the main site itself, Bible Study Classbooks, with study questions for a variety of books of the BIble

As a family, the children and I did our "home church" this week with a sermon tape on John 20:1-18. It was all about facing our own empty tomb. Here's the notes I shared on our FB group:

Mary Magdalena standing at an empty tomb, her loss of faith in that moment. All she knew and had witnessed with Jesus, gone from her and her grief at the sight of the empty tomb engulfing her. 
She stood on the pre-Resurrection side, not knowing there were promises in Scripture of a Risen Lord. She missed seeing him/hearing him standing behind her, mistook him as the gardener and part of the problem...someone had taken her Master from his tomb and laid him elsewhere. She was so wrapped up in the grief of the moment, she did not see Him, a man she knew well, followed, believed. She saw only the empty tomb.
She lost herself in the emotions of her current circumstances. She felt separated from her Lord in her circumstances...yet there He stood with her.

We have the blessing of knowing the outcome of Scripture. We know that death has no hold on The Lord and that He ROSE UP from that tomb, just as promised. We stand looking at her plight from a Resurrection side of the problem. A vision she at the time did not have. She only knew what was directly before her...her Master's death and His Body removed to a place she could not sit with him and ease her grief. 
In our own trials, crisis moments, we too lose our vision, our Faith. All we know is gone from our sight in that instance and we see our trials from the pre-Resurrection side.
Until we hear His Voice speak to us. Then, like Mary Magdalene, it all comes back to us and we KNOW He is still there with us. We see the outcome of that story, knowing the ultimate outcome of our trial. We have the Promise, and with that knowledge, we should never lose ourselves in our trials or griefs. Of course we still will. We are but flesh and blood, not perfected, and in the moments of turmoil and grief, we will question and cry out without consolation. But as Christians standing on the other side of the Resurrection, we KNOW He has not left us standing at the empty tomb alone. We have the vision of the future in that way, and our initial emotional storm can be passed more quickly than those who know Him not and remain on the pre-Resurrection side.

It was, to say the least, a very good Sunday lesson here on the homestead.

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