Monday, March 16, 2015

The Coming of Spring…


Finally, a break in the rain and a bit of drying sunshine to lighten up my mud-covered world. It’s a welcome thing I tell you. Much as I love rainy, gray days, I was up to my neck in mud and it was time for a change. The goats weren’t happy…too much mud outside in their pasture area meant we were constantly messing with their hooves cleaning out mud, and their hay was almost always muddy despite being in a hay rack (little goats like to play on dry hay…which in turns makes it not so dry…). The chickens were very unhappy at the mud. Even with a tarp-covering their run, the rain was unstoppable and the mud flowed. We set up 2x4s on blocks and in fences to create a boardwalk for them. Not much help for the nesting boxes though, even with fresh hay, the feet were muddy, so the nests were muddy, so the eggs were muddy.

The joys of spring farming I suppose.

We have seen 2 days of SUNSHINE now. Yesterday we grabbed some snacks and water bottles and headed off to wander thru the Shiloh National Military Park.  We wandered the cemetery, walked thru the Indian Mounds, and traveled thru the roadways reading the various Civil War battle signs. It was fun, and even though we aren’t studying the Civil War this Term, we needed the day out close to the woods, and with dry ground.

We also had a bit of a set-back here last week. Our youngest rescue pup, Sarah, spent a day laying around, no energy at all. We didn’t think much of it the one day given the weeks of gray we’ve had here and how penned up the poor dogs are feeling not being able to get outside and let off some energy. However, the next day, she wouldn’t eat much and by afternoon was vomiting. First thing we thought was Parvo. Hoping we were over-reacting, we headed off to the Vet with her.

It was Parvo. We left her there for 4 days of treatment and were able to bring her home this afternoon. She has a clean bill of health as far as the Parvo goes right now, and over the next few days we expect her eating and drinking to pick up to normal again. She definitely has some energy back. As Dr Jacob brought her from the kennel room, she was a bit pensive and resigned, but as he rounded the corner and she saw up, she went total puppy crazy on him and just about dove out of his arms into Abbey’s hands. She was wiggling and barking and trying her best to cover Abbey’s entire face and neck with pup kisses, as well as trying to run circles around her neck. She is one happy pup being home now, and won’t let Abbey get too far from eyesight.

Sarah coming home

With the drying of the ground I am hoping we can get back to normal here and the animals can all start soaking up the much-needed sunshine. I suspect our worm-load will be high again this year with all this wet weather, so we will plan accordingly for worming the goats, chickens, dogs, and cats. Of all the things I do as natural as possible, I don’t do natural wormers. It isn’t that I think they are somehow less effective, it’s just that I guess I distrust them a bit considering the high worm loads we have here in the South. I’m guarded with natural wormers after losing so many of our best goats the past many years.

In the yarn basket right now is a camo baby afghan for our soon-to-arrive first grandson. Daughter has about 8 weeks or so left and I’ve still got a lengthy sewing list to accomplish.

So many ideas, so few hours in my days!

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