Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Memphis Zoo Start of Summer Trip

We had been planning a get-together with The Whitten’s for a while, and a trip up to Memphis for a day at the Zoo was also on our list of to-do fun before the weather turned wicked hot on us. We decided to purchase the family membership, saving $6 off our day’s trip, plus we can plan many other trips now as we get the bonus of free parking and admission for the next full year. There are other associate zoos and aquariums we can also visit at a discounted fee. It was win-win for us.

JVC camera 742

Everyone met up shortly after the Zoo opened its gates and off we headed…

JVC camera 745

JVC camera 750

JVC camera 762

JVC camera 763

JVC camera 774

JVC camera 777

the Komodo Dragon was HUGE! Good thing the various lizards and what-not out in our woods aren’t that size!

JVC camera 785

large Koi

JVC camera 792

large wild boars

JVC camera 828

JVC camera 827

the penguins were out and showing off

JVC camera 836

I roamed around online gathering things for our visit…like a Zoo Passport shared by We Wilsons (and we were even able to mark off the T-Rex drawing, LOL), some Zoo Scavenger Hunt pages

JVC camera 874

JVC camera 902

JVC camera 897

They just opened a new exhibit called Sting Ray Bay…yes, those diamond-shaped blobs under the water there are actually sting rays. The video we took shows them much better, but trying to capture a clean shot while they whisked back and forth was difficult!

JVC camera 908

JVC camera 926

JVC camera 928

The birds were a bit of a challenge as well, the camera didn’t mix well with the slight glare off some of the caged displays

JVC camera 932

it was a bit hot….but then, it’s summer in Mississippi and every day is hot imo…

JVC camera 945

The otters agreed with my estimation of the day apparently…they were tucked inside their nice cool log

JVC camera 952

JVC camera 978

JVC camera 992

…another set of ‘Grandkids for Grandma’ shots, LOL…

JVC camera 956

the Giant Panda’s were showing some attitude, they definitely wanted to be outside in their yard and not inside on display

JVC camera 974 

a hitchhiker from the China Gardens area

JVC camera 986

JVC camera 994

JVC camera 997

JVC camera 1000 

JVC camera 1002

The rhino proved a difficult photo op as well…though I did get a decent behind the scenes shot, LOL

JVC camera 1003

JVC camera 1008

JVC camera 1009

JVC camera 1012

JVC camera 1013

JVC camera 1017

the Chilean Flamingos were a gorgeous coral color

JVC camera 1024

JVC camera 1032

Emily just about decided to go home with Mark and Leigh-Ann…Leigh-Ann had carrots!

JVC camera 1036

JVC camera 1044

JVC camera 1045

…and as we missed having Dad along, we picked out a few photos just for him

JVC camera 1049

JVC camera 1053

JVC camera 1060

JVC camera 1059

JVC camera 1061

JVC camera 1069

JVC camera 1079 

As Leigh-Ann said….We went. We saw. We conquered.

…and then, within the hour, she was at home posting photo’s online and I was sitting in bumper to bumper, stand still traffic on the lovely I-240 trying my best to escape the chaos that makes up the big city of Memphis, TN. I am country. The City kicked my bumper definitely. Did you know the City has a weird tar kind of smell to it? Give me fresh barnyard and mowed grass scents any day!


Greg and Donna said...

Looks like a great day! The little girl dresses are very cute! Love the colors!

Ann P said...

Looks like you had a Beautiful time!
I've missed your posts, glad to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Oh The photos are cool, Love the stingray ones.



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