Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Great Day Hike at Big Hill Pond in Tennessee

Don’t think just because my only updates now are our day trips and adventures we are living a life of leisure and travel. We’re still quite bound to the homestead here, as it should be, but we’ve been bound for a while and needed some excitement. As the budget presents itself, we’ve been driving around, enjoying some local parks and fun. The Dismal Canyon was great fun, and a few weeks later we headed up to Tennessee to hike the trails at Big Hill Pond.

JVC camera 626

Starting the hike. I’m already feeling doomed. That’s quite the hill to go down…and come back up.

JVC camera 631

JVC camera 651

JVC camera 653 

it’s a long hike, up and down hills, uneven ground, sand and rock trails for horse and man…and that’s a pretty big bag for a fairly un-big girl.

JVC camera 658

JVC camera 662

JVC camera 677

The Observation Tower…I’ll bet the view is amazing at the top!

JVC camera 680

…however, at 70 feet tall, someone else can tote the camera up to the top and dazzle me with some photos of the amazing view…

JVC camera 685 

JVC camera 693

JVC camera 701

JVC camera 714

JVC camera 717

JVC camera 733

…a huge uprooted tree in the woods along the creek path

JVC camera 708

It was beautiful. We didn’t make it to the Dismal Swamp end of the trail, but the wooded creek path was a great way to end our adventure at Big Hill Pond State Park :-) We’ll make it to the Dismal Swamp portion of the trail on another day!

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