Monday, July 4, 2011

Starting Little House on the Prairie tomorrow!

There are links all over my school blog, but I've pulled the really good ones, and the fun ones together in linked pages and tabbed them at the top for easier searching as we begin our Big Woods journey tomorrow.  Some of the resources will be used throughout the Little House series, so you'll see some links repeatedly, but for the most part, each book will be tabbed individually along the top of the blog for you.

I will try to share ideas and crafts that will help bring your boys into the adventure as well. Everyone seems to have issues with their boys being interested in the series.  I have never had that problem, but just in case you do, I'll try to collect some more 'boy-friendly' ideas and pursuits.  I'm hoping that everyone following along with us will share their experiences, crafty finds, additional resources and more in the comments for each section that I've tabbed (please try to leave comments on the page I've tabbed at the top, so we will have them together in one place, easier for all to find as we go along)

So, tomorrow we begin....gather your books, check out the available internet resources and links I've tried to compile from other sites and great bloggers who have blazed the westward trail before me. And most of all, be creative! There are no set-in-stone rules for this unit study.  The pioneer period is full of great views along the way, and if something doesn't work out for you, be creative and make some changes!  For example, our first week we will be making corn husk dolls, but if you don't have the materials, change it around and make yarn dolls, pillowcase dolls, bandana dolls, or even real stick figures made from small branches, twigs, a bit of string, etc.  HAVE FUN!!

The Week 1 reading and resources are gathered on the school blog, so check it out and leave some comments with your own notes and suggestions!!  Wagons Ho!!

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