Friday, July 1, 2011

Show your Patriotism?

It's no secret I'm sort of drawn between this side and that side of the fence of what America IS anymore.  No, I'm not getting into any long-breath political conversation. There's no point in that.  Folks believe what they believe, plain and simple. I don't beleive we are any great shakes of a nation anymore. I believe we are running full bore into what our immigrant forebearers left their own countries for.

And, on a whole, we seem quite content to sit idly by and watch the flow of Hitler-esque 'liberties' dive straight in on us.  We smile at it, in fact.  We smile at millions being spent on military action in countries we don't belong in, while the body bags fill the transports home.  We are content to watch gas prices rise over mere weeks to more than necessary, simply so fat cat politicians and their foreign oil buddies can pad their pockets. We are dang near giddy when we can't afford to buy simple groceries at the store because what isn't on some arbitrary recall list here, has had a severe price jack because of spring storms, hard winters, shipping fuel costs, and just plain Mom and Pop wanting extra cash this month to pay those taxes Big Brother imposed.

Satan doesn't take over with quick, in your face, actions. He's slinky about it, under-handed, smooth-talking and shy.  He smiles alot, spits out platitudes and qoutes little bits of proverbial wisdom here and there. He sweetens his pot of destruction with just enough honey to get your interest. That's all he needs. We are a self-saavy lot. We pat ourselves and each other on the back all day, relishing our finese at being so aware and so proactive in our life. We are, to him, a huge grin of accomplishment.

America isn't the 'land of milk and honey' once sought after by foreign countries around the globe. We aren't a mecca for, not even counting the Mexican State we are drifting back to. We aren't even a half Christian nation these days, we are merely mega churches with empty words spilling into the masses of empty shells lining the pews. The Bible is pretty clear, no matter what version you read, and if you see even a small portion of America in there anymore, you must be smoking some pretty potent herbal concoctions. We have leadership at the very head of this snake taking his direction from everywhere but the country he was elected by and paid by.  It trickles down through every level of sub-leadership, down to the mayors and city councilmen.  We have Congressmen 'refusing' to leave their positions...refusing?...what's up with that? I suppose, allowing a string of Presidential sit-downs (remember Clinton and his blatant acts in office with Miss whats-her-name this week...) has simply shown we don't care much what goes on around here.

So, July 4th comes around, heat waves scattered here and there, and families will travel and visit, picnic and reunion, celecbrate and enjoy.  And complain about food prices rising, gas prices rising, maybe absent military family members, and perhaps even grumble a bit about the government.  You know how it goes. We'll be doing the same here...well, we have a birthday, we always do fireworks for her birthday, we'll cookout and enjoy having Dad home before another out-of-state run of work takes him farther away from where he belongs. I don't complain too much about the rising costs of food and gas prices, but that's because I don't leave the homestead all that often unless I have to, and I don't buy alot of grocery store fodder. I probably shouldn't complain about the government, because honestly, I don't believe any of it matters. We are corrupt to the core and no amount of belly-aching is going to alter that. We don't want real change. Change tends to come quickly and we don't like quick. We prefer satan's mode of change...sucker the mindless drones using their own power and techniques.  We do that everyday as we complain about terrorism (and lock our Troops in for another round of desert nomadding...cry for more and more security while giving ours away with TSA, gun control, healthcare 'reform'...).

No, I won't complain anymore. This is soapbox enough, I guess. I've repeated it a hundred times. I'm just a plain lady, mothering 9 children, on a simple little patch of weeds and clay in the hinterlands. I don't know anything about anything outside of my life with children, chickens, a cow or two and some patches of annoying honey locusts. I've got some proactive life of my own to be tending...

Why I Will Be Wearing Black On The Fourth of July...from Consent of the Governed

No Red, White and Blue for me this year.

I am in mourning.
It's not that I am not patriotic.

Quite the opposite.
I will be wearing black this 4th of July - to mourn the loss of our freedoms and the trampling of our Constitution by Washington. If you think everything is hunky dory in America, wear Red White and Blue on Independence Day and celebrate the illusion of the freedoms Americans pretend to enjoy. If you want to do something about getting those freedoms back, wear black instead and tell people why.

I will tell you why:

-We've lost our 4th amendment rights.
-SWAT Teams can kick down your door and shoot you dead.
-Our president takes orders from NATO and the UN; Not Congress.
-There is no such thing as Posse Comitatus anymore, and our military is now acting as policing forces in our own country.
-TSA/Our government is groping little old ladies and children at airports, and desensitizing the population to this kind of humiliating treatment in the the name of "security".
-Our government freely listens in on our telephone conversations and reads our mail, checking our credit card statements and phone bills.
-We are being mandated to buy healthcare being told what kind of lightbulbs to use.
-One seventh of our nation is on foodstamps and our leader and his family fly all over the world to vacation and have a good time as we serfs foot the bill.
-Our President acts like a dictator with his executive orders and Congressional "end arounds".
-Every single day there is another Constitutional abuse coming out of Washington, with no care or rebuke. The oath of office means nothing to too many.
How can I possibly wear Red, White and Blue when our Republic is dying? and when our Congress does not have the backbone to end this madness?
It is time to redouble our efforts to take back our beloved Republic.


Katie said...

Well said, Deanna. My post today touched on this too. Joining you in prayer.

Farmers daughter said...

I thank you for your boldness to speak your heart. I agree with everything you said and stand with you in prayer for our nation. Also, I couldn't have said my thoughts any better than you did, so I will only add, AMEN!

small farm girl said...



Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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