Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rustic Homemade Christmas Project....

I have all this....lots of scraps, ranging from 8inches to curves that were once destined to Dresden Plates or perhaps Double Wedding Ring patterns. All courtesy of a dear older lady from the church we first attended down here. Her mother was a quilter, always a project...or 2 or 3...going in the fabric bin.

I love fabric that has a story, a bit history to share :)

We'll start with blocks...I'm cutting lots of 3 1/4" blocks from the smaller sections (that's the ones in the upper left there...). We'll have the girls do some doll quilts, or maybe work on something larger even, in a basic 9-patch :)

There is a gallon bag packed with fan-shapes done up in a pink/white and blue/white check that matches the green/white and orange/white there. Not sure what to do with them yet...

And way back when (don't ask!) I shared a photo of some green/white with dark olive green bow-tie blocks I had *already* done....pulled them out today as well. Dang if they weren't any more finished than they were when I put them away *way back when*....apparently my little worker seamstress mice are slacking in their duties :(

There is no excuse for a lack of Christmas gifts to share on this homestead at all. We have ample supplies for crafting a whole host of goodies!


Katie said...

Love your homespun thinking!! Homemade Christmas gifts are the best! Hope you and yours are doing well. Blessings!

Greg and Donna said...

So you don't have any little surprise helpers that finish tasks and projects either? I like the checked fan shapes and will be interested to see what you do with them!

Dana said...

I just love homemade gifts!!

I am planning on making all the menfolk in my life cd holders that go onto their vehicle visors, each one of them travels 1+ hours for work and I thought this a neat place to put their music/books on cd in.

The ladies are getting quilted tablerunners, super easy and functional!!

I had big plans for pjs for the neieces and nephews but that project never happened. Maybe next year!!

Please if you can find time share what your making and any pattern links you come across that are free, I am always in search of the next project.

I say each and every year that I will be more prepared than the previous year as far as gift making goes but ya know how it goes with best intentions. I need motivation all year long to help me stay on track, the problem is I have no like minded friends irl that live close all my like minded friends live inside the computer and they are just as busy being a homemaker as I am lol!!

Anyway all that to say , I am excited to see what your making!! Have a great day!!


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