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(Exactly what I keep saying...although she's way more eloquent and organized about it...)

:::I think that the purpose of having a well stocked pantry serves more purpose than most people realize. So I wanted to share it with you all in one little snapshot.

First of all, stocking up on food dramatically stabilizes your food budget.  Squeezing an extra buck or two for an extra can of this, or an extra pound of that consistently adds up.  With the economic landscape it's not too difficult to envision a time when a loaf of bread will cost $10 each and a box of cereal will be priced so exorbitantly very few will be able to pay the price.

Second, and I do mean second, once the price of goods necessarily go up, you will start seeing manufacturers scramble to do ANYTHING they can to stay in business. This is yet one more reason to have a good supply of that which your family needs. This is where the adulterated, polluted, carelessly outsourced food supply comes in.  Don't think for a moment that GMO exists because it's easier on Mother Earth.  There's not a single food manufacturer that doesn't do what they do in order to eek out another dime from the sales of their product. That's the whole reason Monsanto and other goons like them are in business.—they are very good at stretching what looks real to us simple folk by the use of what is chemically created.  Whatever self-sanctioned nincompoop tells you that people are selfish who have more than two weeks of food is nothing short of delusional.  Next time someone tells you that, ask them if that is why our very own government is one of the largest purchasers of freeze-dried food?  Even if the rational is that it's all for the military, I defy anyone to ask the leader of an army if two weeks of rations is a comfortable margin for his soldiers? Uh—that would be a no, folks.

Third, and yes, this is purposeful, we'll soon discover that having access to a solid food supply of key essentials will provide us with the much needed nutrition that is so absent from our foods today. Thus having your own supply of nutrient rich foods such as freeze-dried produce, canned meats, sprouts, sprouts, and more sprouts, wheat and other grains doesn't just mean "meal time" it could also mean the difference between complete liver failure and a pleasant and happy life. Very soon, if you haven't noticed yet, we'll start finding that the food that we eat isn't satisfying our hunger nor our health needs. It's no wonder once we realize that the soil has long been depleted of essential minerals, and we are paying for water by the pound in that chicken instead of meat.  So the next problem that we see is a serious lack of nutrition.  Is it any wonder that heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity are all considered nutritionally curable in most parts of the world?  We're seeing a 300% rise in diabetes in our nation over the last 5 years, a 140% rise in celiac disease, and triple numbers in obesity, infertility, infant deaths, and quadruple the numbers of lactose intolerance—coincidentally paralleling the mandatory pasteurization and homogenization of all of our dairy—and we wonder why our typical USDA recommended diet just isn't cutting it anymore?  Well folks, if it's not in the soil, it's not in the food.

Along that same vein, I recently got to listen to a doctor's lecture. He shared with the audience that the simple practice of planting Vetch Pea in one's ground will nourish it once again with the key amounts of nitrogen and other nutrients it needs.  (Guess what I went out and bought that very same day?)  There are actually a lot of legumes that will do this as well but Vetch Pea (aka Pea Vetch) is highly effective and not cost prohibitive.  This same doctor showed amazing pictures of a river in Brazil which stems from land so rich in vitamins and minerals that's it nearly black. Amazingly, at one point it actually runs right into another streaming body of water that is so deficient in any nutrition that it has such a negative charge it prevents the nearly black, healthy water, from mixing with the nutritionally vacant water! It looks like there must be some kind of cement divider keeping the two from running into one another, when all it is the law of electricity in motion.

Next, while others are grumbling about paying $10 for a loaf of bread, you'll still be able to make an entire dinner for less than $4 because of your "Little Red Hen" mentality today.  Just a little bit of effort goes a long way folks.

Contrary to what the "sky is falling" kind of people say, having a year's supply of food sufficient for your family isn't just about riding out a some kind of economic collapse or freak of nature. It's also very much about being frugal and just plain smart.  I certainly hope that more of us will take kindly to that kind of thought process.

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mommyx12 said...

Great post and I completely agree. I love having a well stocked pantry. With a large family it is a must. By all means if one can do it then I encourage it. Wonderful blog.


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