Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Know Your're Homeschooled When...

LOL...this cracked me up and I had to pass it along.  It was on A Christian Home site...definitely a worthy use of computer time so go visit!

I'm guilty of this myself.  Not because we homeschool...I'm fine with that aspect of our lives.  But our more "plain" friends tend to be rather critical of some of our we dare to watch videos, we listen to country music and classical music and sometimes other more up-beat music and not just hymns of an acapella nature....and of course, my more "worldly" friends are on the other side of that spectrum, making remarks at our headcoverings, our dresses, our more plain daily lifestyle, our lack of satellite tv and what-not.

Can't please everyone.  Truthfully, you aren't going to really please anyone in this life.  There will always be plenty someone else isn't going to like about you, so stop stressing over it.  There's something to be said for having "friends", sure, but it's not going to make or break your real life any either way.  Popularity is way way over-rated.


Linda said...

I love that cartoon! lol Thanks for sharing it.

Mrs. Trixi said...

Oooh, and you are very obliging to those of us who are not "plain". I think you have just the right balance going on.

Beth West said...

Yup - I get this :)

Leslie said...

I totally agree- popularity IS overrated, and if people dug into every area of our lives, they'd be critical. But we are just clay, and the Potter will mold us :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful... a nice blend of values and the reality of raising and homeschooling a large family. I read it daily and on weekends. Thank you for the great links. Homeschool mom in Colorado Springs, Co

Dawn said...

You're right, we can never please everyone.
That's why I've stopped caring about everyone else's opinion of me and my walk with Him.
I will listen to their opinions and maybe even take to heart what they are saying as it might be helpful, but for the most part, people just want to mold and shape you into some little Christian 'mold' of how they think you ought to live. Ugh!

Truthfully the only person we are to please is Yahweh.
If we are doing that with our whole hearts, than nothing else matters. :)

Hope you are doing well Sister!

Are the leaves changing colors by you yet?

~ Dawn

Susan said...

You are SO RIGHT! Popularity gets much more credit than it deserves. When you ask yourself what benefits it has truly brought you, it's hard to come up with anything substantial.

Great friends aren't drawn to you because you are popular, they are drawn to you for who you are, and being satisfied between your own two ears counts for a lot! :-D

(I'm new here. Followed a link to a goat post and have been looking around. Great reading here! Thank you for sharing!)


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