Sunday, October 10, 2010

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it....

(couldn't resist...we love that hymn...)

The wanderer here though is Miss Judy. Twice today she has gone on walk-about outside her area.

Admittedly, what I know about bovines can rest in a thimble with plenty of room for Tom Thumb and his friends, but here's what I've learned today....

Some odd 1100 pounds of milk on the hoof can easily walk over a fence, should the desire appear....

And that same 1100 pounds of walking milk can stand totally firm and deeply embedded in even Mississippi clay that is dust-bowl dry, should she be equally determined *not* to return to her area.

First she walked, literally and physically, over the side fence to a patch of green weeds. We have put in 2 more wood posts, re-attached the accordian-style field fence to it's mounts, and lined that section with a cattle panel.
(Note to self: there are now obvious reasons I prefer panels to fencing...)

At milking, she decided she was coming out the gate into the dark unknown of the yard despite our feeble less-than-300-pounds of resistance. She's a big girl, and not only does she know it, but so do we. Those joyful ignorant days of us believing we had her wrapped around our fingers have taken a bit of a turn :) We are utterly hoof-wrapped...and I swear, there was a glint of satisfaction in her eyes as she realized that.

Hopefully the dogs will keep her in check tonight. I doubt I'll sleep much as I wonder if she's going to decide to go bush on us before sunrise.

Ahhh, farm life....never a dull moment, heh? I sure hope she doesn't give the goats any ideas! They can run better than her :)


Stephanie said...

Farm critters keep you on your toes, that's for sure! We had a milking cow when I was growing up, that when she got loose, would go down the hill, and stand in the middle of the intersection for the highway, under the stop light. You couldn't budge her for anything. I don't know if she thought she needed to direct traffic or what lol.

Hoping she stayed in for you last night!!

Dana said...


Hoping everything is ok with you, I haven't checked in and posted in a while, I was away for my father's funeral and trying to help my mom out as much as possible.

Hope things are well!!

brett said...

Just curious if you guys are of the non-resistant nature. Noticed something that looked a bit patriotic on the blog. Jesus said "love your enemies" and soldiers of America kill their enemies.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

I need to get updated here, I know. And the school blog. As soon as I have time to actually stay on the computer a few minutes....

Brett,Dewey was in the USAF out of high school, so I suppose we have a bit of military background, though he did not stay in at all and is hardly one of the 'career soldier' folks.
I am patriotic, but mainly for the nostalgic USA we were founded on. There is virtually nothing in the current flow of so-called government we can in good conscience put our name next to. The government now is a simple power-fueled machine that seeks nothing for the people who put them there.
As to the war, I do not agree with the war in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan...wherever it is we claim there is a need for our intervention these days. However, I pray for our soldiers and despite the fact they are doing the work of a sinking government, they deserve my prayers. They have maintained the bits of perceived freedom we have these days. If it weren't for soliders, all of them throughout history, we would be much deeper in the pits of the governmental regime. While I believe the "war" is completely misguided and unfounded for the reasons they claim they are they for, those men and women are nonetheless standing in our stead so we can afford to sit back and have a bit of computer time and shop without worry of attacks and allthe other daily chaos that surrounds the lives of half the other population of the world. They, by serving as they do, deserve my prayers, and the prayers of everyone else sitting here in relative comfort.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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