Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Water Day...and chat

We have to get water today. With this heat, we've been knocking out 6 gallons by early afternoon. We're heading out early so we aren't stuck at the spring all day.

Fencing is finished and gates in place. Woo hoo! It's a tad wonky on the sight line and drives Dewey a tad wonky, but it's finished. LOL, and I thought *I* was Type A!

Working in the barn for the most part now, creating a decent area for Miss Judy. Things were looking good...then I sort of went another direction. Started thinking about a milking stall space. More along the lines of I *didn't* actually think about one. I mean, hello, obviously we'll be milking...just didn't put much thought into the particulars :)

It's all about the finer details in life, right? I mean, I've been stressing over a milking stall all afternoon now, LOL! It's 3 am for crying out loud and I'm strolling around the internet peeking into other folks' barns and such, looking at milk stanchion set ups and wondering, "do cows back up" and stuff like that.

Am I worried about a milking stall really? No, I don't suppose so. It's just a handful of boards and a few screws; easily taken care of. Just bugs me that I hadn't connected all my dots, so to speak.

Really I should be more worried about the fact I'm ON THE INTERNET AT 3 AM instead of sleeping! THAT is something to be worried about :)


Treasures Evermore said...

Great post....sounds like busyness on your homestead...and my dh is Type A also...but don't tell him I said that, cause he will disagree lol.

Have a blessed day.

Paula said...

My husband says cows will back up -but don't like it. The cows in his uncle's tie-stall barn will turn around if the have the room instead of backing up. Another thought for your milking space is height. A popular way to build milking parlours around here is to make a ramp that puts the cows' udders at arm level. This nearly ends any stress on the hips, which is a big problem for dairy guys. I know you only have 1 cow and lots of flexible people to do the milking, but it's something to keep in mind. It's the same reason we built the raised beds for the market garden stuff, yes we have Ella to help, but DH and I aren't getting any younger and the ground seems to be getting further away :)


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