Friday, July 23, 2010

A Rant: I Want Government Grant Money...

The news clips said something about the US has voted to trim its spending budget by some 20bil in order to fund yet another Troop surge in Afghanistan.

We're flat broke in the US. We have mortgaged pretty much everything not already in hock.
We have put funds into the BP drain there in The Gulf, and will end up coming out the other side of that fiasco with a kick in the gas pants this winter, I'm sure.
We have already funded, and lost, how many Soldiers being sent to this desert or that for no real rhyme or reason. We went to show some sort of mythical, imagined force we don't possess in the first place. Yes, I get the whole 9-11 connection, but we have lost far more than was gained in the revenge tactics following that tragedy. We merely lumped more lives lost against their horrific attacks.
We have companies in the US still feigning collapse so they can ride the coat tails of the great bail-out wagon. Not to mention the original corporate bail-outs that haven't seen much in the way of repayment...just s shift in title and ownership to some foreign hands.
We have lost whatever imagined credibility we had in the big boys game on the global market. We export more than we import and our "dollars" are worth TP in not only our hands, but in global commerce as well.

And we need to spend another 60bil or whatever to fund Afghanistan's step into the modern world...why exactly?

Ok, here's what I think...there are some government grants still out there. I want to apply for one. I'd like to be funded to bring modest dress, large family mindset and homeschooling to the many families here in the US who aren't already living that lifestyle.

I believe women should be at home tending whatever needs are there, not off working so they can loan money to the government.

I believe we ought to have some sort of respect for ourselves and stop wandering WalMart in what amounts to our underwear. A modest set of clothes in every closet!

I believe everyone should learn how to STAY HOME once in a while without whinning about it. And while you're there, stop sitting in front of the computer and/or television and get a LIFE.

And while you're home, where you belong, start acting like you belong there. Stop watching Food Nation and Bobby Flay and go learn to use your own kitchen! Start cooking REAL food for your family instead of feeding them lazy foods from a box so you have more time for TV viewing.

Homeschool your children so you have a greater influence over what you brought into this world, not some 7-4 teacher who couldn't give a hoot about your child and won't even remember their name come the next year. Make them LEARN something, instead of sending them off to take a bunch of tests so the State can earn bonus swagbucks! Move the ones you are supposedly homeschooling away from the same TV and computer you're frying your brain with and find some good books.

There's plenty more, but until I can find a flashy name and a way to copyright my plans, I'll hush.

So, I'd like to propose the government put some funding into MY efforts. I'm a US citizen, born and raised, surely there is some sort of money available for me...a multi-generation US-born, white female homemaker, living on Southern rural acreage, with over-the-State-average number of children.

I want to take my message of Women Being Homekeepers-Homeschooler-Modest Dressers to everyone! I want to go door to door. I deserve a little brigade of army men to escort me, maybe in one of those jacked-up super Hummers painted in green camo. We will be funded to start setting up YOUR home to look the way it should. Think Extreme Makeover with military back-up!

Here's what we'll do...we will skulk around quietly at first so I can scope out the lay of your land. Then bingo...a few pop rockets, a little smoke action, and we're in your front room. You'll have to dress as I say you should, eat as I direct, and I'll set up your scope and sequence for schooling your off-spring. You'll have to start acting as I dictate, too, and don't worry -- I'll put someone in charge over your continued actions when I head next door to do it all again.

Oh, and I'll give you a little of my self-printed money to tide you over. Even give you food from my own pantry to set you up. It's own family won't need it. I've done what I can for them all these years. If they haven't woke up and taken charge on their own, oh well. Bummer being them I say!

Wait a don't LIKE my idea? You don't WANT to live exactly as I do, all Stepford Plain and Simple?? Ingrate. I'm making you a better person. I'm securing the future of your family by forcing these simple changes on you and yours, and you don't like it?

So stand up and tell obamaland that we need our Soldiers HOME and not trying to bring every country we choose up to our standards of modern and industrialized. We're bankrupt here....literally, physically and morally. We are *not* a country of power or even vision anymore. Our governmental system as it stands is hardly worth encouraging in other places. Especially when it costs us more money we have already determined we don't have.


All American x5 said...


By the way, What are you even doing in Wal-Mart???

Greg and Donna said...

Well, you haven't had a rant in a while and this one has been building up. Amen to all! Especially the part about getting dressed before you go to Walmart! But you did forget to call the oversee-er a czar, isn't that the politically correct term now? Have a great weekend and let us know if you get that grant so the rest of us can apply too.

Jamie said...

Whew! and Amen!

Ronda said...

I found your blog today. I luv it!
I will be back on a regular basis.

Love & Prayers,

Rose said...

AMEN!! Am tempted to copy and paste to my blog.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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