Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Hey, wasn't that the name of an old The Mama's and The Papa's song?

Anyway...we made breakfast at 2 am and saw Dewey off for another week of work. Thought I'd get to sleep a bit, but he called a few times, then called to let me know he got there...then the sun was peeking over, so the dogs decided to play a game of tag (right outside my window) before the heat got too bad. By the time they quieted down, children were getting up. I'm hopeful for tonight :)

We are schooling...everyone is working on copywork right now. We have reading, math and science to do (history is covered in the reading). We have fun foam ships to stick together -- Hobby Lobby has an incredible VBS selection of craft things! These were 'pirate' ships with love, trust, and faith on them, but they also work perfect for Christopher Columbs' ships :) They had all sorts of things for various VBS themes...we'll be getting things to add to the study as we move toward Jamestown and then Lewis & Clark.

Big laundry today -- linens and such.

Tomatoes are staked, beans are 2-3in long already, lavender looks pretty. The garlic my mom sent just doesn't look well, but the lemon balm really took over its world! I really should be harvesting it and getting it dried.

We're sewing this week (I think I'll just cut-n-paste that into every post here!). An inventory of clothing we just did shows a serious need for that sewing machine and ironing board to get smoking! And, it's the middle of June -- time to look ahead to fall needs, and I'm working yet on summer items!

We were blessed with a pail of red plums. We cooked them down yesterday, need to get them strained and made up today. Oh they tasted so good! I should try to can some hamburger and stew meat up for Dewey, but it's just so hot I hate to think of pulling the canner out right now. He has very little freezer space at the hotel, so canned would be perfect. We stocked him up with far too much store-bought stuff this trip. Not that he would "cook" much between working and all, but still, that was a lot more store stuff than we ever have. Boxes of cereal and granola bars, cans of soups, boxes of mac and cheese, etc. He has. A nice skillet/griddle thing that cooks a lot, and we'll get him a toaster oven next paycheck. Even when the camper is ready to go, they'll come in handy -- campgrounds have electric, my stove uses propane. Might as well use their electricity as my propane.

Goats have done much better this time around with the heat/humidity. The fans in the barn and the misting really do the trick. Wish they weren't so finicky -- the yard is is need of mowing again and we're not doing it in this heat. I'd like to tether them and let them do some trimming :)

Jenn's foot/ankle is doing well. A little up and walking swells her up terribly and she has to ice it. I stopped by Dewey's PT and talked to him about what exercises and therapy we were doing at home and he agreed, but said using a resistance band would produce better results than my hands guiding and working her foot, so he sent one home with one. That's a big difference between here and back North -- sure couldn't have just dropped in to chat with a doctor up there!

And last night, just to make sure Dad knows he's much-needed here at home, KatiAnne was twirling around the bedroom (well after bedtime mind you...) And sucked her hair through the metal floor fan. Had she been directly behind it, she'd have pulled it at the roots/scalp. Instead, she was at the side enough that the hair went in from the edge and wrapped the blade spindle *then* went into the motor and around the bearings. We toted her and the 20in metal floor fan to the table and had to dismantle the whole thing, motor and all.

She will be giving the fans a good wide berth for quite some time I hope.

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