Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MidWeek Summer Stuff

First, before I forget...bookmark the website Cook, Eat, Share.  All sorts of recipes, you do need to register,but it's not a big deal at all.  YUM!

Dewey will be home, just for the weekend it appears, so we'll be cooking big time here. Poor man has been eating take out junk for a month.  Oh, sure, there were some "sort of homemade" meals made, but for the most part it's been take out junk and fat.  This weekend we'll do up the big fish fry we'd been waiting on...I'm looking for a great hush puppy recipe  ::hint hint::  And we will do a huge roast with all the trimmings as well.  And apple pie(s) with homemade ice cream for dessert!  And another Strawberry Delight (I'll post's that frozen dessert that never showed up here in that mystery post!) since he loves that, and we just had one for Memorial Day without him.  We're so mean :o)

We are cleaning and clearing around here so he doesn't feel there's things to be done when he gets here.  He will, however, need to do something to the front posts under the porch we enclosed. With all the rains lately, and the fact we are putting alot more weight on that porch area now, as it is living space, it has decided after all these years to settle more.  Annoying because my front door is wonky now and barely closes :o(   We need to bring some gravel out, jack up the post or posts and level back out, then cut a nice swale  to help divert the water that wants to stay put after the serious rains here.  Imagine what it would be like to not have a wading pool all along the front of the house!  How neat would that be :o)

Schooling is going along still.  We school year round, and summer is probably busier than other seasons for schooling because of the intense heat/humidity here.  Natives might fare much better than we do, but for my children, it's just not a good thing to be running around outside during the deepest heat of the day.  So schooling prods along. We usually don't have "full days" with it, but we cover the math and English and lots of reading and craft things while the sun beats everything into submission outside.

I think we are going to finish up our 'required' math courses with some book keeping course.  The rest I'm still pondering over.  Any suggestions?


Stephanie said...

We are homeschooling through the summer for the first time this year.

Have fun with Dewey home :) I am sure he will be so grateful to be home, and you to have him home!

Dana said...

I know its a pain to deal with but until your able to get the wading pool all along the front of your house fixed you could turn it into a good thing with your youngers and while they are inside trying to beat the heat they can be pretending they are in a castle and the wading pool outside is actually a moat to keep evil doers and enemies at bay? Maybe reading up on and learning all about castles and the period time that Castles were around.

Oh and you can let them build their own here

Just a thought!!!


Ps enjoy having your dh home for the weekend!!


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