Monday, June 14, 2010

It just ain't right...

When the sun goes down, it doesn't matter what the temps were in the day time. The SUN is gone...the night has settled in...and it's still *still* in the upper 80s outside!

What happened to dark = cooler, even if just a little? I'm pretty sure that was something in some textbook somewhere back in grade school. I mean, if ya can't trust your education, what can you trust?

The planets must be mis-aligned or something. The Moon is tipped weird causing some funky global oddity maybe.

This just ain't right. T'aint natural, I'm tellin' ya.


Greg and Donna said...

Remember, we all went to public school...we know how messed up their books are! And, I have lived in the south all my life and this summer in Miss. it is HOT!

Scarlett said...

Awful here in Southern Ohio. The heat I could maybe stand, but the humidity has been a killer. The rain from the storms is nice on the garden, but it just causes it to be more humid the next day. Yuck. And forget getting a good nights sleep. Just to hot to sleep well and I don't want to pay to turn on the air yet. How did our ancestors do it? I keep reminding myself they had no choices! At least I have the fans on to move some air.

Anonymous said...

Dark does mean cooler until you factor in humidity. I live in Ohio and the humidity is sticking around even through the nights. We have even had some thunderstorms...but no relief with those either. I am trying to convince my husband to move to the Pacific Northwest where the temps are 65 in the daytime now...he's not going for it,though...because it rains a lot there.


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