Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goat ideas?

Our buck is limping. Tries his best to *not* apply any footing to that rear leg. Just started this today.

Poor Jennifer had to wobble and limp her way out with us to check him out. Malachi is sooo Jenn's big boy :) Looks at us like we've come down from Mars, but wobble ol' Gimpy-Leg Jenn out there and he practically rolls on his back and pokes his leg in her face.

There's nothing noticeable between either rear leg, nothing injured, nothing out of the ordinary from a muscle rub either. Seems a bit tender for him around the lower joint (ankle area) but nothing too bad. Just isn't too keen on using his foot.

Any thoughts on what to watch for? LOL...don't get me wrong, if I have to, he'll go on a ride to the Vet. He's a very special boy around here, and coming soon he'll be having some special dates with my ladies out there. But really, if possible, I'd like to skip the ride in *the van* kwim? He is all buck...he's pushing 250#...did I mention he's a BUCK???
It's just not a good van, the carpeting, this heat and no, not good...really, not good...


Linda said...

We transport our goats in the back of our MINI van. lol When we brought our full size male home last year, it was a tight fit, and summer, thankfully, we didn't have far to travel.

Have you checked down inside the hoof? Pull the hoof apart, and see if there's anything in there. We've had goats get "stuff" up in there that caused an infection. pull out what you can see, and douse with peroxide.

That's the only thing I can think of. Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is having sympathy pain for his beloved Jenn :)


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