Friday, June 11, 2010, just notes I guess...

Ok, first off...the flames of disagreement are finished at FB. Go ahead and feel free to wander and meander pages again :)
We settled up with the standard "agree to disagree" hand shake. The other party shared very valid 'points' and I never totally disagreed in the first place. Her heart feels a burden for places overseas....the millions of Ugandan orphans, Haiti's devastation, etc.
I have no problem with that at all. As she said, there are no borders. Love thy neighbor doesn't stop at the end of your street...or your town, your state, or your country. We're all part of the same big blue bubble. Makes you feel all fuzzy and warm :)

I, Different from her, feel that your burden should extend as far as your arm's length first. If you have suffering, lost neighbors, you should begin there. If your community has homeless shelters, food pantries, orphans...start there. There are HUNDREDS of ways you can be a real and tangible aid to your neighbors without having to get a passport and shots.
If you aren't willing to be an aid here your home front, you shouldn't think you can be of aid anywhere else. There are orphans overseas in sub-world countries, dying from lack of 'everything' yes, but there are countless orphans here in the US as well. There are lost groups of people struggling to survive in countries with daily bomb shells and mortar attacks, with genocide, with starving families...yes, there have always been, there will continue to be, and seriously, there but for some Grace of God it's not here...yet.

However, we have lost souls aplenty here, take your pick:. We have people struggling to get off drugs and alcohol, we have families without a bunch of "material goods" who are simply starving from lack in every aspect of their lives who have no real idea how to live any differently, we have people in every kind of NEED you want to offer aid in.

If you are willing to serve a need overseas but can't feel that burden for your own neighbors, that is just plain arrogance/pride. And yes, I understand some folks feel God has called them to a missionary life on foreign grounds....which is why we came to our "agree to disagree" handshake.

Onward folks...that meat sale. Well, they were positively yummy looking marbled meats, let me tell you. But, in the end, I chose to skip most of them. Dewey was frothing a bit around the mouth at the idea of an inch-thick juicy Ribeye sizzling away on his grill/smoker, but alas...momma just won't spend $130+ on even the prettiest hunk of beef. Poor man came home last night and all he got was mixed veggies and some spicy smoked sausage! LOL

We did put in some more chicken breasts, some smoked sausage rings, waterand I did grab 4 cases of the bacon. I wanted to keep on the pumpkin and all 3 stores in town, including our WalMart, were OUT of canned pumpkin :(
WalMart had 3 large cans of the 'pie filling' but I just want/use plain pumpkin. Oh, well...I'll check Kroger's. I have a couple dozen large cans tucked in the pantry anywhere.

That's about it. We lead such an exciting life here. Pantry stocking, animal feeding, schooling, some sewing tossed in here and there...that's how we roll.

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Stephanie said...

I personally am 100% in agreement that helping those in need begins at home. Glad you both were able to agree to disagree :)

Your life is exciting...just like mine lol. Baking bread here today, doing laundry, gearing up for graduation for oldest next week.

Have a blessed weekend!


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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