Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BlogShare: Homeschooling a Handful Recipes Alfredo Sauce


Cheap and Easy Alfredo Sauce
Pasta Alfredo - using Cream of Mushroom {CofM} soup as base -

One can CofM
3T butter
1/4C milk
2t dried Italian herbs
2t Lawry's seasoned salt
1/2C store bought shredded Italian Cheese

Over med. low heat; med. sized sauce pan; whisk soup, milk and butter until butter melts. Add seasonings- whisk in cheese. Toss in 3-4 servings hot cooked pasta, I used spaghetti this night. Plate immediately.

Delicious! Our version was equally quick and easy, but a bit more garlicky than I'd want all the time...and a touch rich. The Cimino family back north made incredible alfredo sauce and rich was usually a part of what they reserved for the *family*...others got what poppa Frank considered "watered down for Americans" type Italian fare at his restaurant.

Here's what we did, rich garlic-ness and all:
1/2 cup butter
8 oz cream cheese
1 tsp garlic powder -- I think roasted minced garlic would be way better!
2 cups milk
6 oz grated parmesean cheese -- fresh grated would be incredible...I used Kraft.

Blend and whisk butter, cream cheese and garlic to smooth. Add in milk and parmesean and stir/cook to thicken. It goes quick, so if you get too thick, add a touch more milk.

It was absolutely delicious...I added mushrooms to my plate...that I was continually dipping into the alfredo while I was heating/thickening it! In all honesty, I probably had 2 good portions of dinner :o)
One was while cooking...dang broccoli was just *perfect crisp tender* and calling my name. It would have been rude to ignore it. I kept plucking steamed florets out to safety...and splashing them into the pan of alfredo with a fork.

Don't worry -- I was more dainty and ladylike with the mushrooms. I dipped them gingerly into the pot of alfredo :o)

Then I had a plate of chicken and pasta, with broccoli on the side, and what pitiful remains of mushrooms were left for the table and our actual meal.

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