Thursday, May 6, 2010

Water...springs and flooding...

No water.  It's a wash, literally.

The private lake with the spring where we get water is, well, flooded.  The timber surrounding it to the west is flooded, as it the hay field that extends beyond it and the entire main roadway coming to the entrance, from 3 directions.

The over-flow well we use as a 'back-up' is gone as well. Not sure if they'll even re-work that one.  The small lake between here and there is gone...blew its levee, which also made up the road, and honestly, there isn't a thing over there, so I'm not sure where that puts it on the repair list.  Tippah County was hit pretty hard, EF-2 tornado cut a wide, lengthy swath through there, leveling most and tearing up the rest.  An over-flow well isn't really priority, I'm sure.

So, we are without a water source right now.  Yes, I still have tap water.  It's way beyond chlorinated (you just gotta wonder what they are hiding in the water they have to chlorinate it as much as ours....eeewww) and we do not use it for drinking or cooking.  I really don't care much for it as bathing water, as chlorine is just a bad thing:
Cancer on Tap:  Chlorinated Drinking Water
Chlorine, Cancer and Heart Disease
Is Chlorine Good for You?
Skin Absorbtion as a Route of Exposure for VOC's
Chlorine's Adverse Health Effects

We've already been boiling the tap water in the large stock pot and cooling it to use in our cooler jugs.  I'm hoping that at dissipates some of the cover-up in our water.  Talk about really poor planning and storage on my part :o(   I could KICK myself for putting it off this long.  Water is BIG DEAL for prep storage.  Big BIG deal.  The biggest deal, actually.  You can go a while without a food source, and honestly, if a prepper doesn't have beans and rice out the floorboards, what do they have, right???  But water?  Water gets you beyond a couple days.  WATER is what makes those beans and rice rations worth stocking.

And I have 10 people minimum here looking at my supplies for their life and what do I do...put off stocking a renewable water source.

Man, take my name off those prepper lists. I'm ashamed of myself.  Oh sure, in a pinch, I have water here, but it's really one of those "oh no...really?  No, no...really? I have to use that water?" kind of sources.  Not something I'd go to willingly on any level.  I'd have to be dehydrated to the point of insanity to go to the source here.  And it's only laziness that I haven't stocked what I preach here.

Today I'm starting the water stock hot and heavy.  Sheesh, shame on me you caught me once...feel free to come raid my pantry stash if I slack off again like that.  I don't deserve them!

Aside from that, we'll be attempting to mow the jungle that has taken hold here.  The back is still pretty saturated, but I think we can do it set on the highest mowing levels and just taking our time.  And schooling and sewing.  I'm too eclectic, I know.  I'm looking over the history and science again.  It's like my's always in revision and relocating on the MUST DO list.

And my mom is at her doctor appointment with the neurosrugeon this morning.  She has a narrowing of the spine and degenerative disk disease so they are beginning to look at what comes next.  We'd appreciate a prayer covering on that :o)


LizBeth said...

It's been a stinkin' week, huh? Take the rest of the week off and prop your feet up. Start over Monday. That's what Mondays are for. Scare the kids. Put the olders in charge while you vacation.

I'm determined to get through the day without having to re-invent life. Just going to take today as it comes. Read a book for the plain ol' fun of it. Make pizza for supper - just 'cause I want to - and drink orange soda pop. I vow to nip any obsessive behavior that rears its ugly head.

Good luck! ~Liz

Dana said...

Not sure if this is in your budget or not but have you looked into a Berkeley Water System?

Tammy @ Tammysrecipes, really really sings its praises, it might be something you could look into that way you could use your tap water with no worries.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you have a road!!! What is your opinion on the Berkey water system? I have heared they were wonderful. We are thinking about getting one. We almost have the money saved. When we put down on paper how much money we spend on water including gas this is the way to go. What are your thoughts? You will always have water in case you lose your road again!!!!!!!
Amber in Kentucky

Michelle said...

Don't be too hard on yourself - tomorrow is another day and then you'll be prepared. Blessings for a quick road repair.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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