Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, and Memorial Day Weekend

All I'm gonna say (honest!) is that we have a messed up "president"...commander in chief...with backward priorities (if any at all...) when he has no misgivings about skipping out on the Memorial Day ceremonies, honoring our soldiers.

It makes no difference if you believe the "war," conflict, whatever label you want to tack on Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq or *wherever* is worthwhile or serves any purpose.
THAT is not the point, period. It isn't about being pro-war or anti-war.
It is about the fact that we do, in this country, have a military, and that a great many of those serving in that capacity are not home currently, or are home and serving in needs on our soil. Memorial Day is about those men, and women, serving their country, whether you think it's necessary or not.

And it SHOULD BE something Barrack Hussein Obama...the currently-labeled *president* of the US and so-called Commander-in-Chief, places a little higher up the priority ladder for his holiday weekend.

I like Paul McCartney and all, but can make that gig, but can't be present for Memorial Day?

Yeah, I know. I'm talking about our president The leader of the country I live in. Ugh. It just ain't right. It's just messed up, but I suppose there's no surprise there anyway. That's life in what's left of the US anymore.

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