Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's not just me, so there

First, our Christian Liberty Nature Readers came today! Barely got them out of the box when fingers and hands came out of everywhere and snatched them away :o)
I did get a quick peek...wonderful graduated reading based on various aspects of nature and animals, some review questions after each chapter. Perfect companions to our Handbook of Nature Study lessons!

Next, I always suspected I wasn't alone in this anti-heat syndrome I have. I mean, I couldn't be alone in that, right?
Well, sitting there in all it's glory in my Google Reader today was 'Want What You Have'.

That's ME. Totally me. Now I could live out a totally content, happy daily existence in the frozen north as an Eskimo (I love ice...whale, not so much, LOL) and never look southward a'tall. I don't mind digging my way through drifts waist-deep to get to the barn. I'm ok with 5 trips daily to do barn tasks like exchanging frozen waterers. I've "thawed" chickens...squawking, live chickens...in my bathtub because of frozen feet. I don't mind shoveling the driveway...repeatedly because of the county plows closing the end back in on me.

But make me go outside in Mississippi in June or July (or May...or August...or September...or...) with unrelenting sun beating me senseless, not so much as a wisp of wind from a butterfly's wings, and humidity so high you can *feel* the oppression of air outside crushing you....it kills me.

Like she said -- the air lately is as close to hot bath water as you can get without actually having the liquid.

And I feel better knowing it's not just one of my personal quirks now.


Greg and Donna said...

I am so totally the opposite. I love the warm weather, but I grew up in Atlanta and lived there till 5 years ago and Miss. is so much hotter. Its the humidity that saps the strength out of you! I am not a really cold weather person, and we have just enough snow here in Miss. to keep me and my kiddos happy, for one day or so. Knowing that its already in the mid 90's here in May is not a good sign for August. The pool will be bathwater by then.

And my daughter really like those readers. We still have hers, saving them till I am blessed with grandchildren! They are great books.

As Simply As We Can said...

We **love** those Nature readers at our house! Right up my son's alley.

Beth West www.northernskyart.wordpress.com said...

Heat wipes me out like nothing else can. We left Texas 10 years ago and headed up to Maine and I only look back in nightmares. Even DH who spent most of his life down there doesn't think he could go back. I have several children though who think they might like to try it.

dee said...

You are not alone! We are supposed to hit 90 on Saturday & I am dreading it. We've had such a wonderful, cool, true Colorado spring. I'm definitely a winter girl, too.


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