Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heading to Australia!

No, not me. Unless I can squeeze into an envelope with these dishcloths :o)

I shared about my dear online friend, Sharmayne, doing a dishcloth swap last month. Well, she posted the first arrivals last week and it spurred me on to choose a few for her and get them mailed off.

They are hard to see, but the yellow one is done in the Tunisian Stitch, that pretty sherbert variegated is a sort of shell, the two-tone brown is that super easy Tunisian Short Row, and the red and white is done in the Tunisian Knit Stitch. That red and white is one of my favorites...nice and thick, the purl side on the back gives little nubs for scrubbing...I love it.

Then again, that Short Row works up so quick, and it has nubbies for scrubbing as well, just not as thick as the Knit Stitch. And it's round -- not to large and bulky for washing.

Of course, that sherbert one is just a fun color, no matter what the pattern stitch.

But, no, my standard dishcloth and washcloth here is the Tunisian stitch, regular, short row or knit. I much prefer them over the usual crochet work.

So, Sharm...there's your sneak preview :o) I'm posting Wednesday as we pray for water to be available this week!


Blessedmom said...

You tempted me a while back to try that tunisian short row, and it worked up wonderfully and so quick. I loved it. I just need to find a smaller hook, as I didn't like the size it turned out to be. Thanks for sharing, I need to get mine in the mail.


Sharmayne said...

Oh Deanna,
They look so great! I'll be eagerly expecting them. I hope you are not too disappointed with my skill level in my dishcloths I'll be sending to you.... just know they have been made with love & prayers that present acceptable LOL
Hugs Sharmayne

Stephanie said...

They look fabulous! Great job!


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