Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Waste, I'm Sure...

...but on this Blackberry I have a Kindle Reader App.  Kindle, which I know very very little about actually, is a nifty little machine with a 6 in or 9.7 in viewing screen on which you can read books, magazine subscriptions, newspapers, etc.  Hardly a replacement for curling up with a good book in hand, but really close from what I hear.

Well, I downloaded the free Kindle App for my Blackberry.  Yeah, it's not nearly as nice as reading on the larger screen I'm sure, but in a pinch it ought to be fun to have for quick reading when I don't happen to have a book handy.

With it, I can now download any number of books for goodies, like Robinson Crusoe and Swiss Family Robinson for our unit study, books I just want to read, like the 3 diaries of Sarah Agnes Prine I have enjoyed, and so on.

In fact, using sites like Gutenberg, ManyBooks, Archive, and so forth, I can download free texts of a great many books.  Amazon itself even offers a fair selection of free Kindle titles as well.  I like FREE.

I have no idea as to how truly useful it will be, having the reader app on the screen fatigue and other things, but it's free so I'll give it a try.  I don't see it replacing my bookcase of hardcovers, but still, there could be niche for this app in my life to some small degree.

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Mrs. Trixi said...

I don't even have a cell phone but my honey is about to have to get a Blackberry for work. I wonder if you can hook it up to your monitor so that you have a bigger screen. I am thinking that would make it easier for read alouds. Just a thought.


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