Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unit Study Question...Prepare and Pray

Anyone go through this unit based on The Swiss Family Robinson novel?

I'm wondering what you think? Does it flow well? Anything you particularly like or dislike with the structure and activities?

We are doing The Prairie Primer right now, and I'd like to maybe go with Where The Brook Meets The River (or whatever it's called...The Anne of Green Gables unit).

But from what I've read so far, Prepare and Pray seems right up our school alley :o). We love the book, have the Disney version as well as the series with Richard Thomas.

Just wondering if trying to work the $65 give or take...I haven't searched around for prices yet...into to dwindling budget is worth it.

Given time, I suppose I could work out some sort of unit covering our base subjects and adding some fun here and there.

But, we all know how much *time* can usually be found...about as much as money in a budget.


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Sandi in NC said...

This is one unit study I've never heard of ~ it sounds really good though! I'm planning on starting Prairie Primer with my crew shortly. I've tried to start it several times before but we always get bogged down in some pathetic thing or another and never get to it. If you do work it into the budget and get it, do share and let us know what you think!


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