Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tips on Tornado Preparedness

My Mother worries constantly about us down here, with all the big storms that roll over the mountain, and us without a storm shelter.

We've had just one major close call here in the past 5 years, and we went down to the neighbor's shelter to wait it out.

Nearly everyone here has a shelter of some kind. The area surrounding us was hit pretty hard a few years back and FEMA folk came through offering their $3000 benefit refund for qualifying storm shelter installation.

What we've noticed though, is most folks don't use their shelters as shelters. The neighbor we were at had her shelter packed to the rafters with assorted and accumulated what-not. She's a Depression-era believer and nothing, not even a frog hair, is discarded. There are a lot...I'd guess just about everyone, really...around here just like her. When there is a storm, and they maybe feel like sheltering up, they pack in like a sardine and go with what happens.

I suppose you aren't in there for any big length of time, so what's comfort anyway? Still...I suppose we need our own shelter here just because we are a good-size number of bodies to add to another's shelter in time of need. That, and Grandma stresses when the Weather Channel starts coloring Mississippi RED.

Here's the Tornado Preps shared over at Preparedness Pantry. There are so many great articles there you really can't go wrong spending some time reading and taking notes!

The information on tornadoes is taken from the FEMA website at


Katie said...

We're right at the top of "Tornado Alley", so it's a good time to prep the kids on a few safety tips...thanks for the reminder! :-)

Tami said...

i'm in tornado alley too. my heart doesn't work right til the coast is all clear!!!


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