Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farm Market thinking...

Back North, they just do things like they do down here. Not even in the small rural towns really. Down here farm markets are big. They are everywhere...impromptu stands in parking lots, back-of-a-pickup produce along the roadside, an awning in the yard, and 'real markets' in town every week.

They do the same thing for yard sales. It's a side business down here. Everyine has them. It's just how things are done.

We will take a table to the farm market here in town once a week I think. And perhaps set up every Saturday or so alongside the road where the shrimp boil folks and the produce folks set up.

Our ideas so far is this:
Some baked goods...loaf bread(4.00), quick breads (3.00), cookies(2.50/doz) and we'll pack up half-dozens as well(1.50), brownies(2.00), etc. Maybe some jars of jellies(pints 2.00) and granola(3.50 quart).
I have several dishcloths made up to see how they sell. They are costing about $1 each in yarn, so I'm thinking about $2 each, or 3/$5...??
We have sun bonnets galore, sizes from doll to adult, and my thought there is $5 each -- toddler sizes with a matching doll size for $7.
We have simple bibs (2.00)and some cute flannel burpies(5.00 or 3/12.00), too.

I don't know about pricing, these are just ideas. I am terrible at deciding on prices. The bonnets and bibs are all remnants so no real cost on them yet, and the burpies are flannels, 2 yards (one print/one solid) makes about 4 of them, plus batting...might be about 18 on 4 of them, unless I find a good bargain.

We have cocheted layette sets I'm working on, but they probably won't sell as well. They are more heirloom, done in thread and very lacy, and I usually sell them for about $45 (sweater, bonnet, booties).

We'll see how it goes and adjust as we need I guess. Would be nice if we did well enough to pay for the feed around here at least.

What do you think of the pricing? Brenda? You sell some handmades at your stand ther in Maine don't you? Anyone?


arla said...

I did the farmer's market two years ago. I sold bread loaves, dinner rolls and granola. The loaves were $5.00 each, the rolls $5.50 a baker's dozen, and the granola was 2 cups $4.00 in a zip baggie. I made a variety of breads,wheat, barley bread, spelt, 7 grain and a cinnamon bread. The cinnamon bread was made like a cinnamon roll. I would pat out the dough, sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar heavily, roll up the bread and bake like a loaf. I sold 25 to 30 loaves twice a week. It was alot of work, but we did make some extra money. Hope this gives you some ideas. I would love to come down for a shopping spree myself.


B said...

You may have already thought of this, but .... homemade buns go over really, really well my neck of the woods.

Your pricing sounds pretty good to me - very reasonable. ˚Ü˚

Linda Finn said...

Well you have been busy... I would price the jellies and jams a bit higher, they seem to sell for 4.00 a pint here very well. Anyways the rest sounds like good prices to me Deanna. Dishclothes I get 2.50 each or 2 for 5.00. same on the scrubby centered ones. We sure do miss you all , Mark is working on maybe doing taxes so we can get a van for me. If that be done and running good we could come down sometime ourselves to see you all.
Would have to bring Wesley as he seems interested in your folks.


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