Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Middlin's know, in all that irritation and phone dialing, I never did share the menu this week, did I? Not that anyone's been waiting with baited breath, I'm sire, but here you go:
Monday -- hamburgers/mac & cheese
Tuesday -- Salsa Chicken
Wednesday -- Roast
Thursday -- Tuna Casserole
Friday -- Meatloaf
Saturday -- Smoked sausages & potatoes
Sunday -- pork loin on the smoker

I really shouldn't even put the days there. Don't think they are there for a reason...LOL...I just use them to mark out 7 meals for the week :o). I'm all about the visual process.

Our weather is going to be WONDERFUL!!! Really, even others in the South will think so...between 76 and 81 through at least Sunday! Ahhh, a nice breeze to go with it, humidity still in a good range...beautiful :o)
Definitely windows open and lots of outside school fun while we can still enjoy it. Come the dead of summer 'round here I'm stayin' INside where the sanity (and some air flow) is.

No, this year I do plan to keep up on the cutting down the electricity here. We don't use the central unit under any circumstances anyway (it's just past its prime and honestly, at just 90• outside, the trailer is too hot for it to keep up) but we have that beast of a 'window' unit that we mounted through the wall (being a trailer, I also lack in window space...). I am going to really try this year to keep it off more than it's on. I know...duh, been telling you I need to 'acclimate' to the heat, yet I stick to the main room here and that glorious a/c like glue. Well, not so much this year. I'm not going cold turkey, and I really hope no one shows up for some 'intervention' or anything, but I'm going to see about limiting myself. Forced acclimation, if you will. I'm highly motivated -- I like the $150 range in the electric bill :o)

We're heading out in a minute to beat Dewey up with weights at his PT appointment this morning. Then off the the Vet for the last round (hopefully, for a while) of shots for the pups, and I'll have him get the goats dehorned and the boers wethered. Next year Mr Dainty Drawers here is just gonna have to step up to the plate and wether them on the homestead...or Jennifer can.

Not me, though. Those are my babies, my wee bairns o' the barn. I just *can't* crush or snip. I'm too soft.

'Course, come August, when Malachi starts ruttin' around with o' de goat perfume...and the little Gideon gives it a try (he's already doing that curly lip bit...reminds me, I've got to get my bucklings moved away from the does)
And then Zebulon and Zachariah start in....I don't see my soft-heart feelings being an issue.

No, Mr Dainty Drawers is just gonna have suck it up and think of that as a necessary job.

While I sip a mint julep from my veranduuuuhhhh...
(Yeah, sweet tea from a couch near the a/c...)

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