Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MrsMamaHen.com: Chewy Molasses Cookies


Oh yum...I love a good chewy gingersnap kind of cookie. I actually followed this link after visiting Mamica's blog...she left a comment here.

I like bunny trails, too.

Either way, delicious sounding cookies we'll try out here later this week. Right now we have the Amish Sugar Cut-Outs chillin' for cutting and baking in the morning. The icing needs time to set hard, so we'll bake and decorate in the morning and after a couple hours (depends on humidity and all) we can wrap for sharing. We're cutting out spring goodies...flowers, butterflies and the like and tinting the icing with robins egg blue, pinks, buttercup yellows and lavenders :o)

There's a recipe posted around here somewhere for them -- they have to have icing. They are actually a bland sugar cookie and not good for sugaring and baking at all. It's the icing that makes them edible, trust me :o). And best yet-- theyu have cream cheese in the cookie and will not freeze solid -- they chill perfectly for hot summer treats straight from the freezer.

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