Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a big baby

I admit it.

For a good week now I have a tooth --either a 12 year molar or remnant of wisdom tooth -- that has been kicking my backside big time. I have finally resorted to some hefty ibuprofen to keep my day moving along.

I bit the bullet today and cried uncle andcalled some dentists. I have some issues aside from simply wrenching a tooth out, no matter how bad it hurts. My jaw isn't lined up well on that side. Not sure what the cause of that is, just been like that a very long time. It literally pops at will anymore...yawning, sometimes simply chewing.

So, you can imagine how NOT anxious I am to go to a dentist and have this remnant of whatever removed. I can't even imagine the extreme discomfort...no, flat out PAIN...of having my mouth held open, jaw popped out wrong, for the tooth extraction.

That and I called a few dentists and no one does sedation...just novacaine injection. The couple oral surgeons I called who do sedation quoted me about $500.

Need to groom a child to become a dentist with those rates.

I hurt. I'm a baby with pain. I mean, I'm not closed up in my bedroom totally disabled from it or anything but it hurts like nothing else right now and I don't much care for ibuprofen as a food additive. I'm tolerating it to the best I can but iit's making for unhappy days here and it needs dealt with.

It's coming out and that's that. I'm just totally dreading the procedure and the dislocated jawline that will be a part of it.

So if I might, I'll ask for more prayers on a medical bent here.


mamica said...

I am sorry to hear about your molar. I don't like going to the dentist either. I just do not like needles period and you can't really not see the needle they use for the novacaine injection.

My dentist is a good guy though and he really tries to alleviate my fears. I hope you feel better soon.

B said...

My jaw is like that, too - it pops and causes a lot of pain. My dentist recommended a bite guard to wear to bed at night (turns out I really clench and grind my teeth when I sleep). I've been using that bite guard for a year and the pain is almost non-existent and my jaw hardly pops anymore.

I've seen bite guards in the toothbrush/paste section of Wal-Mart ... might be something to look into.

Will continue praying for you guys.

Greg and Donna said...

Praying now! Let us know how it turns out.

LizBeth said...

Going rate is $1700 around here. Any chance you need a bite adjustment? They file off little bit that hits wrong when you bite, and the pain goes away. Been there, done that. Praying for you and Dewey both. Keep us posted. You've got too much on your plate right now!! . . . . . . DH could use some prayer cover right now, too. He is swamped. Has a co-worker not pulling his share of the load. Gettin' real old, real fast. ~Liz

Anonymous said...

Hi and Blessings,

Take some coconut oil and rub it on your tooth and gum, then take sea salt and a piece of cotton and put by the side of tooth ( note will hurt like crazy ) or take clove oil mixed with olive or coconut ( never clover alone) and put by side of tooth ( will hurt like crazy but will get the infection out) until you can get to a dentist.

Note this is not medical advice just :)Nor does the FDA endorse any of the above or say that clove oil, sea salt or whatever is safe for teeth care.( just gotta love all the disclaimers you must do know.

Hope you feel better soon.


Angel M

Mrs. M -- (Mosaics From Home) said...

Praying for GOD'S favor in getting this taken care of and in a timely manner. I hate to see anyone suffer from tooth pain...after working in the dental field for almost 14 years I know how bad it hurts.

~Mrs. M

Blessedmom said...

I've heard biting on a clove will take a lot of the pain away. Praying for you, toothaches are never any fun.


Beth West www.northernskyart.wordpress.com said...

I'm sorry you're suffering. I pray you can get in soon and that it won't be as painful having it removed as you're anticipating.

I had a rotten tooth that caused me major toothaches for months and months. When I finally went and had it extracted, the oral surgeon warned it might be sore for a few days, but from the moment it was out, it NEVER hurt as bad as it had while I was waiting to get an appointment.

Let us know how it goes.


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