Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday again...

We have had a long, tiring couple weeks here.  Not as much physically as emotionally.  It's all come to its final point now and you would think we'd be sort of renewed now, back on track and all.  Nope.  I'm more exhausted than walking through the previous trails and bends on the path here.  Must be that end of trying times exhale or something.

I will get everything typed in and shared.  I will...lest some little Alabama mom of many boys come and hunt me down it seems...the utter joys of friendship, you know.

I'll just further tease with this week's menu list:
last night was Beefy Nacho Casserole
Chicken Bruschetta
Sausage & Potato Casserole
Tater Tot 'recipe' really...browned meat, some veggies of choice, hm cream of chicken or mushroom soup and cheese topped off with hm tater tots (plain hashbrown chunks
Spaghetti & Meatballs, recipe again, though we will  be making hm meatballs, and I don't have a recipe for those it's all just dump and taste on my end.
Quiche...haven't picked what meat yet, probably one ham and 2 bacon  Mr Breakfast has TONS of them, but I'll share our actual recipe later
Homemade Pizza...they have declared it a once-a-week thing...we'll see how long that lasts as this group gets bored easily...I see alot of playing around with fun pizza's here!
Sticky Ribs from Baker's Dozen files, this is a freezer thing...we'll add 2 batches to the stockpile when we make this

Just a note, in the shopping I did buy about 12 boxes of spaghetti pasta.  I know...make it you lazy bones.  Well, it is absolutely delicious when we make it, but it isn't going to store well for any kind of mega pasta making day, and I'm just far to flighty in my days with a hundred or so other needful things happening that I don't see myself making it all the time.  Don't let that dissuade you in pasta making though...most folks don't have as large a family of starch-eaters and your own spaghetti making might be relatively quick and fun.  It was a long task for us that day...though we didn't buy any other pasta and will make everything else homemade (hm).  And we will make hm spaghetti quite a bit...I just panicked in the pasta section and had visions of being unprepared and all, so I bought.  But I did buy wheat pasta...probably out of guilt more than anything, but still...

Dewey has a PT appointment in a short bit here.  He has hit the proverbial brick wall now.  Still nothing of weight-bearing, and he's really having issues with some of the stretching areas we've entered now.  It's kicking his backside and then some.  The range of motion just isn't wanting to cooperate and he's getting rather disheartened with it all.  And the disability insurance is being its typical helpful self right now....again...yes, I'm sarcastic.  It's annoying.  There are only 13 weeks of short term dis. on his insurance.  They have stopped payment twice already...after taking 6 weeks to even start up.  They want updates of medical progress, not the notes I fax off after each doctor visit.  I have run the soles off my shoes going back and forth with them on this, playing go-between with them and the doctor office.  It is trying my last fragment of nerves.  Come to find out, mind you, that the last cut-off from benefits for information not sent in was THEIR OWN FAULT as they had not requested (you know all that HEPA stuff now, they have to formally, in writing, request things...) the release of the forms in the first place.  HUH????  Penalize ME because they didn't ask for an update directly?  Got that straightened out and took 2 weeks without a check.  I'll be blasted in half if they are doing it again now.  They require an update again...only problem I have with it is there isn't anything to update.  He hasn't had a doctor visit because Doc is on spring break with his family.  He won't see him again until the 24th.  We have nothing to update but PT visits and they don't want that, they want 'real' doctor stuff.  GRRRR.  So, no checks again until his visit the 24th when I can fax off something...of course, the doctor takes nearly 2 weeks to transcribe his notes and then insurance takes another week if we're lucky, to make a determination.  LOL...follow the math there with me...1 week until the visit, 2 weeks until there is a written update to get, then another week for a nod and a check....that's moving into the end of next month, right?  The short term, 13 week coverage ends April 2nd.

I'm confused.

Like that's new.

I just don't see why it's a hassle (thank you pencil-pushers and insurance geeks...and government crud keepers...)  Seems to me that if you get 13 weeks of coverage, it should just PAY each week until it ends or until the company or doctor state you are back to work.

But, I'm rather simple-minded when it comes to things like this I guess.  And insurance isn't about simple...neither is the's just me, plain and simple little ol' me.



LizBeth said...

But, Deanna, the government is going to handle it all for us, and everything is going to be all right. Right? Now, "Grrrrrrrr."

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your husband, and a solution to your problems right now. :)

Have a wonderful week,
Jillian ♥

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your husband and a solution to your situation right now. :)

Jillian ♥

Debi said...

Hey now don't forget that there is a GIRL in the mix now.
Really stinks about the insurance, I hope that they get their act together before long.
Hopefully he'll get past that wall and start to feel more like himeself.
Praying for you guys.


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