Sunday, March 14, 2010

Making Dishcloths...wanna join along?

Want to get a start on some gifts? Put away some goodies to sell at the farm stand this summer? How about some needful things for the hope chest?

Crocheted dishcloths.

Crochet on The Homestead is starting a sharing of crocheted dishcloths in the form of a crochet-along.

She's shared the first pattern she's found, a really pretty cloth and very easy and quick pattern. I've made 4 already in "sherbert" shades of variegated cotton I had on hand.

Here are some more great patterns, too. Plenty for someone new to crochet as well as those looking for more patterns to add to their collection:

I'm hooked -- pardon the crochet pun there! They work up really fast, but even for a total beginner, producing just 2 cloths, one to keep and one to put away for a gift, is super easy.

Like I said, I'm hooked :o). Been making various dishcloths, bath cloths, dusting name it...the past month or so now just to build up the stash to move away from paper products (which we don't use much of anyway...). I have booklets and patterns galore, and cones of various cottons and they work up so quick and can be basic all the way to more detailed in pattern.

They are a great gift idea, as Lyn mentions -- a stack of 7 would be a wonderful gift. Added to a gift basket perhaps. Just a basket full for sale at the farm stand. The uses and patterns and ideas are boundless.

Go visit Lyn and let her know you're inspired and want to follow along with the Crochet-Along of dishcloths!

And ifyou knit, here's a great blog by GrannyJudith with several great patterns:


Greg and Donna said...

2 Moms in our Keepers at Home group are going to teach us how to crochet dishcloths soon. I shared with them about the Pass It Forward and about the beautiful crocheted items you sent me! They all want to see the plastic scrubbie that you crocheted around!

Sharmayne said...

What a great idea! Would love to be part of this..... just have to wait till after our move though!

Blessedmom said...

I may join in, not sure yet, I've joined the yahoo group that knits dishclothes, 2 a month, and you don't know what they are going to look like until you're done, it's pretty fun. The first is usually themed to the month, like a heart cloth for valentines, etc. And the second is a pretty patterned cloth. I'm much quicker with crochet than with knitting though, so I may just join Lyn. Thanks for sharing.



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