Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Sweaters, bonnets and Booties

Well, right now it's just sweaters, but'll have a pair of booties with it soon enough. I don't have a particular pattern for bonnets and booties I use as my go-to pattern, so I have to find one yet.

This particular sweater has a hood and is one of my favorite 'quick stitch' baby gifts. It's from a 1992 Winter issue of Crochet World magazine. It's so easy and quick, working from the ribbed cuff of one sleeve and front and back of that side, then the front and back and sleeve of the other side, hood worked on last.

It's just quick and still pretty. And a 6 month size, using just 4 oz, worked in a G hook...little larger with an H, little smaller with an F or just by varying the yarn weight (pattern calls for sport weight originally).

The yarn I've chosen is one I've wanted to play with. It's really a yarn made more for knitting -- Bernat's Baby Jacquards -- but the stripping is neat in crochet, too. It's not your typical variegated yarn.

I don't have a plan really for the finished project. We ran into a friend from the church we used to attend and her daughter is expecting. We were talking about the cotton dishcloths, and she said I needed to make a gender-neutral baby set for her.

What color constitutes "gender-neutral" these days? I never did like gender neutral. Gender is gender. It's not neutral. Yellows...purples...pinks, of course, they say girl to me. any colorway, says boy.

So, skip an all-purpose baby gift. I'll make up 2 and we'll just see which is needed. I bought the blue/green I'm a Big Boy colorway, and the pretty, girly-girl Berries & Cream lemon and pink colorway. I just couldn't decide on one only.

And if I really like them, I'll do some more and add them to the farm market basket. If not, I'll go back to dishcloths, but a break from pondering dishes is a good thing :o)

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