Monday, February 22, 2010


Ok, I've finally finished downloading and saving all the Henty novels on my flash drive now.  It took forever...though had I stayed AT the computer, it would have gone much faster.  It takes very little time really for me to download from the site, but I was hitting one and then going off to do other things and coming back to load in another one.  I have a life, you know.  Being tethered to the computer isn't something I can do all day long, no matter what the good cause.

I'm still getting emails about how we shouldn't have these animals if we don't know much about them....mainly dealing with the lumps on the dairy goats, but also dealing with the puppies here.

Ugh.  Get over it already.  I'm really glad that apparently there are a TON of folks out there born smart as all get-out, but not everyone has that gift. I'm learning.  I've had goats before, this isn't my first trip around the block, but hey, this is the first set of lumps I've ever dealt with.  I'm learning as I go, and from the chats with the Vet, so is he.  I do what I can do.  Same with the dogs/puppies here.  We did what we could for the Great Pyr puppies and they simply didn't make it.  Momma tending them would have been ideal, but short of drugging her into submission, that just wasn't going to happen.  I believe we will have her fixed, as she simply doesn't care for puppies at all and having 10 or more at a time in her own birthings, I'm just not prepared to deal with that again.

As to the puppies we have still, I'm finding them homes as fast as I can.  Sure, I could make a sign and stand in the Wal-Mart parking lot...or I could hit the local Flea Market thing and give them away...but there are a lot of, ummm, less-than-savory shall we say? folks here wanting dogs for fighting.  I'd rather keep them than put them out there for something like that.  I'm picky.  I didn't go looking for these dogs you know...they were dumped off on me.  The joys of living rural.  The shelters here kill, although the Humane Society will take them and not kill I found out recently. I won't let them roam the road and go hungry...or get hungry enough they want my livestock.

Life is what it is.  Right now I can take care of a few, and I do, to the best I can.  Just because I'm not running to the Vet every other day doesn't mean I'm not taking care of the animals here.  Adjust and move on to the next area of issue with me...I get a lot of mail and I know the dogs and goats problems are not the only areas folks can find to bemoan my lifestyle with.

I've finally gotten around to cutting the Edwardian Apron out...just some miscellaneous fabric I had here that was thinner than I like, for a trial run of the apron so I can play with fitting it better.  LOL...of course, getting it sewn will be another story!  I have yet to get a couple dresses for myself cut...I'd best get to it soon, else I'll be something akin to the Ray Stevens song They Call Him The Streak!

Don't look Ethel....


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that people are giving you a hard time. :( It is easy for people to sit back and pass judgement on others. We are all doing the best we can..

I hope you won't let them bother you.
I really like your blog and have learned a lot from you.


mamica said...

I stand in awe of your energy. I don't know if I could even take care of goats. It is all I can do to take care of my two cats and two dogs.

I have the Edwardian Apron pattern, but have not gotton around to even cutting it out. I have the dress pattern too.Good Luck with your dresses.


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